Merite Q Merlot 2016 is made from the Q45 clone, new to Australia.

Most people see Merlot as a ripe, sweet inexpensive mid-week quaffer. And we seem to drink it by the truck load each week.

Now these guys at Wrattonbully are making a good fist at producing a serious Merlot. A wine I found to be more of a dry European style rather than the over ripe sweet stuff, that sells by the truck load.

It’s about time we embraced Merlot as a serious wine and not just a mid-week quaffer.

This is a medium-bodied wine with dry fruit tannins. Hints of cherry and fleshy plum that fill the mouth leading to a dry finish, with just a hint of fruit sweetness mid plate, supported by smooth acid and minerals on the back end of the plate finishing clean and savoury..

The guys at Wrattonbully also make a single vineyard Merlot, (I reviewed it last week)
MERITE Single vineyard Merlot 2015 @ $65.00 –

It is one of the best Australian Merlots I have had the pleasure of drinking in a long time.

Expect a serious European style of wine here. And well worth giving it a try, remember its not the sweet ripe stuff you may be used too.

There is a handful of very good Merlots being made in our own backyard in the Yarra Valley. But even I have trouble selling them. why?

Build a good rapport with your wine retailer, he or she will always point you in the right direction.

The Food

BBQ Lamb + onion rings, truffled cheese, crisp bitter greens, baby beetroot, cooked mushrooms and warm bread rolls.

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