Think of a beer. Not just any beer, but a favourite. Now, remember, you must treat yourself often… especially in times like these.

Many of us beer lovers often get carried away with trying the latest this, that, and the other, instead of going back and drinking those beers we loved and enjoyed. I implore you to go back and grab another can of the last beer that made you go, “Crikey, that’s a good frothy”. Stop and savour those lip smackers that popped a smile on your dial, before you rush off to get the latest creation from your favourite brewery.

Mountain Culture’s current crop of core range products is one of my favourite line ups out there. For me personally, the Scenic Route is the pick of the bunch. It’s a beer I find myself comparing a lot of other beers to. Especially given that the mid-strength beer market has recently exploded in the same way non-alcoholic beers have. However on deciding what to drink of a weekend, I often neglect it. Mountain Culture have nailed it when it comes to packing as much flavour into a sub-five percent beer as possible. The hops are noticeable, with citrus and stone fruit rounding out each hazy sip. The highest praise I can give it. Is that it’s not only a mid-strength that you can drink in the height of summer, but also in winter, due to its big body and mouthfeel.

Beer culture strives on its ability to constantly innovate and produce new styles, to perfect traditional methods and create absurd hybrids. It moves at a rapid pace, and amongst all this, we can be too focused on the next best thing. Rather than making the most of a ripper current release or core range beer. As my good pal Ferris Bueller once said, “beer releases move pretty fast, if you don’t stop and slurp them up once in a while, you could miss out”. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what he said, don’t quote me on that one.

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