Stressed out? Anxious? Overwhelmed?

Just relax they say

Take deep breaths they say

Be mindful they say

Great – So now you have mindfully hyperventilated

Relaxed? Nope 

So, you try another approach and finally make it to that Yoga class, or you’re soaking up a sunrise view in lotus position and trying to still your mind with ‘Om’ and…. up pops that darn “to-do” list – again! Sigh.  Sound familiar?

That was my world too until I discovered the art of ‘Doodling for Relaxation’, a form of creative meditation or Yoga for the Brain. Finally, something to quiet the monkey mind, and I bet you know him, he’s the one in your head swinging from tree(topic) to tree, screeching and laughing and never sitting still! Well here is a tool that will settle that guy down to a nice quiet grooming session, giving you a bit of well-deserved time out from his noisy chatter and the world of endless ‘to do’ lists, stresses and anxieties. Now you can finally relax and take those deep breaths – relaxing without hyperventilating

And it’s good for you!

Studies have shown that being able to regularly reach a mindful meditative state increases mental retention, stimulates creativity and improves one’s mood, self-confidence and helps to reset the brain (a bit like hitting restart on your computer).

Various forms of creative meditation and art therapies are used by phycologists, health and education professionals around the world to help people cope with stress, pain, anger management, anxiety, depression and rehabilitation.

Introducing ‘Doodling for Relaxation’ sessions in St Kilda

New Creative Meditation Workshops In St Kilda

The weekly workshops are hosted by artist Marloes Bakker-Marsden of Busy Pen Studios and held in St Kilda at Blank Canvas Co-working space on Acland St on Saturday mornings.

These adult workshops introduce you to the world of abstract illustration which is an easy, fun and stress-free art form that anyone can do, no artistic talent needed, just a desire to try something new and fun, in a safe and friendly environment.

They will guide you through the drawing techniques and mindset skills that make this form of creative meditation so effective and enjoyable.

So come on! join us, you won’t regret it ????

Warning – Highly addictive!  Side effects can be spontaneous creativity with associated smiling, growing sense of tranquillity and a burgeoning passion for fine pens and papers.

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