New track for Ren: Unique rendition of Song To The Siren


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The Tragedy of HAMLET

Stripped back homage to Tim Buckley’s ‘Song To The Siren’ 

Available now across digital platforms

Emerging from the shadows of the past two years and reinventing herself as a solo artist, Australian singer, songwriter, Ren will release her third single in as many months, her exquisite live version of the haunting Tim Buckley classic, ‘Song To The Siren’.

Ren’s unique rendition of this ethereal evergreen features her trademark pure vocals and delicate guitar, expressing an unmistakable sadness of what has been, yet Ren’s inner strength and honesty shines through.

Recorded live at an intimate live show in Melbourne, the track is the result of just one take … no need for any post production tweaks or effects.

As 2022 musical journey progresses, expect more new offerings from Ren’s most recent live show in the coming months, leading up to gig announcements and a repertoire of original music to be penned and recorded.

Says Ren, ‘When I think about life and its journey, the trials and tribulations that it brings, I realise that we set out on a path that never really or rarely goes the way we intend it to.  

‘We may choose a path filled with integrity and honesty, but distractions along the way sometimes make that path hard to follow.

‘To me, “Song To The Siren” sums all that up.

‘My take on this song is based around a monumental event in my life – with sailing boats and travelling on the ocean, trying to be with the people you love but they are so distant. it is just not possible. 

‘In particular, this verse really resonates with me: 

“Did I dream you dreamed about me?

Were you hare when I was fox?

But now my foolish boat is leaning

Broken lovelorn on your rocks”

‘It conjures up that feeling of trying to fulfil your dreams without hurting your heart, feeling the moments of absolute solitude and silence.’







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