Non-Toxic Ways to Rid Your Home of Ants


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Having ants around is a problem. They can spoil the dessert you’ve been saving when they crawl over it as they leave minute particles that may contain bacteria or dirt. These insects can also sting you while gardening, and there are some species that also damage plants. So, instead of enjoying your time with your plants and flowers, gardening becomes a time when you have to battle with these critters to save your beloved garden from a dreaded infestation. More importantly, many varieties of ants, such as the fire ant, sting; and their stings are painful. Some stings also form small and very itchy blisters.

It’s important to handle an ant problem once you notice that there are ants around or inside your home. Ants, like the Argentine ant, can create colonies as big as your garden or yard. So, before a problem becomes uncontrollable, it is best to deal with the problem right away. However, when there is an ant infestation in your place, particularly the stinging types, your best move will be to call a Pest Control Company in Melbourne expert.

Here Are Some Non-Toxic Home Remedies That Can Help Control Ant Numbers.


You can repel many Ants by any kind of powders. Cayenne pepper, ground black pepper, salt, coffee grounds, and corn meal can be effective to deter or kill ants. Sprinkle Powdered peppers, salt, and coffee grounds near or on their nests. You can also use it to barricade an area from ant attacks. The smell confuses them; and when they faint, they fail to communicate properly. Ants go away because of their confusion, and when they do get lost, they can die. Ground cinnamon and ground cloves you can also use in the same way. As for corn meal, ants will take the corn meal powder to their lair and eat it. But their digestive systems cannot handle the substance. Hence, eating corn meal can cause death to these insects. Affordable pest control companies use the best methods for pest control. You can also read our blog on Effective Ways of Tick Pest Control

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Liquids and Blends

The odour or the substance in some liquids or mixtures can easily keep ants at bay. Ants, for instance, dislike vinegar, a common cooking ingredient. Pest Control Services regularly squirting white vinegar onto surfaces where ants often gather or pass-through is a great way to prevent them from using or crossing such areas again. A blend of one cup vinegar and one cup water can keep ants away, and this can also be used to clean kitchen counters, windows, tables, and other things. A mixture of soapy water can be used as well. Ants don’t like citrusy scents too. So, lemon and orange juice can be sprayed directly on ants or on areas where they are often seen. Ants won’t survive boiling water too, so this can be poured over anthills or nests to kill these insects.


A good way to protect gardens and yards from ant infestations is by planting ant-repelling plants recommended by Pest Control. Rue, a beautiful plant with blue-green leaves and yellow flowers, is a beautiful outdoor and indoor plant. This is a well-known and effective ant repellent. Tansy is another great choice. Its flowers look charming, but not many insects will cross a boundary made from tansy. Certain herbs and spices are also effective to put off ants. A few examples are rosemary, mint, thyme, and garlic.

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