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“Dead Weight”. That was what Christ Grammar Coach Russel of the Immaculate Conception’s B Reserve netball team called Charisa Bossinakis. She then dutifully quit her dreams of competitive sports and instead settled for comedy.

This show has nothing to do with any of that.

‘Paquito’ is her second and much better foray into Comedy. It comes off the back of what was a very important year as she completed her Bachelor of Creative Arts course (the ‘green on a four coloured pen’ of degrees) and presented her debut hour – ‘Boss’ – at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Sydney Comedy Festival.

Bossinakis returns to the Festival in 2019 with her second-hour show, ‘Paquito’. In this show she questions where it all went wrong, could it be the fact that she can name each Kardashian but not all three branches of government? Or maybe that she completed a mime credit at university?

*SOLD OUT* Melbourne Fringe 2017*

*TOP TEN* Melbourne Critique’s 2017*

*FRESH* Sydney Comedy Festival 2018*

‘Who knows what makes Millennials laugh? Charisa Bossinakis does’ -Jorge Menidis, Perth and Sydney Comedy Festival Artistic Director

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Shows (Gold & Bronze Membership)
18/04/2019 8.30pm | Admin Fee $10.00 | Book Tickets

Tasma Terrace
6 Parliament Place
East Melbourne, Victoria

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