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PARS KEBABS – Welcome to St Kilda!


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I dropped into this new kebab cafe down the Sunset Side of Fitzroy Street on Friday with Jackie Favours and found Morry and family settling into their new life serving St Kilda foodies.

The place is sparklingly bright, fresh and shiny and the food on display looked amazing and super fresh. Yes we have a lot of kebab style shops in St Kilda but they are shwarma style, this kebab type Souvlaki style kebab is my favourite. 

Have a look at the pics and you will see what I mean!

He gave us a sample of his soup, absolutely beautiful and thick and tasty with lots of vegetables and a lovely bite.

Morry tells me they expanding their vegetarian options as well so it is also nice for non-meat eaters to have another choice in the street.

25 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda

(03) 7015 5705

Catering for all parties

BBQ – Vegetarian – Kebabs



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