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Spring has Sprung and I’ve attended a few fashion shows from Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival, had a look around at some of the new trends for the season and decided it was time for a total wardrobe detox. Recently I got a new haircut for my 40th birthday, to give some shape to my face, I got some bold coloured red Chanel ‘Gabriel’ lipsticks and I had some images taken for my online professional profile.. I love a look that is a cross between Gwenyth Paltrow and Carrie Bradshaw, I also love the classic Coco Chanel! I am still working on it, like all masterpieces its ongoing and individual.

A great option for styling is to seek the services of a professional stylist, the one I normally work with at the agency was away in London so that wasn’t an option unfortunately, I called my mate Oscar who is a fashion designer and he wasn’t available either but jokingly said go short and tight! ‘Well, we aren’t all Madonna sweety,’ I replied!

Other options for using the service of a stylist is calling ahead some of the boutiques and booking in a FREE styling session, Sportsgirl at Chadstone offer this, Myer and David Jones also. In fact most of the well known brands offer styling services which is a great option if you want to buy a few season stables, which is what I did.

I did most of my shopping at David Jones, I love the brands MNG, Witchery and Portmans. I found a cute little cotton, embossed white/cream jacket which can be used like a blazer but with slight tailoring and edge, a red blouse and white blouse with navy pipping, a black sleeveless top with sheer shoulders, a cute white sleeveless shirt, a floral sleeveless blouse, a navy and white jacket with zips a white silvery singlet and a long silver and gold chain.

I will probably wear most of these with either, black pants, tan pants or blue jeans and an assortment of earth accessories, hats, chains, earrings etc. While this Season Im going for a more sophisticated look I still like a casual relaxed style. I have never been a fan of to much tailoring and mixing it with artists and business owners I think a smart casual style works well. I came well within budget at under $500 and all items can mix and match and fairly classic pieces so won’t date!

Next it was time to add the new items to my wardrobe and go through last Spring Summer clothes. I ended up tossing a lot out and decided this time to be ruthless. A lot of stuff I was holding onto despite not wearing them in over two years, I decided someone, somewhere would get more use out of it! I filled six garbage bags for the thrift shop. The Hawthorn thrift shops are amazing, and often I recycle or buy from there!


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