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Stackhouse dazzles with ‘Jack the Dancer’.


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I’m not a starry eyed fan, nor possibly a fan of an individual musician. Rather, I’m a music journalist who appreciates the ‘creative spark’ inside a creative individual who can channel it into a most noteworthy song – Terri Lee


Jax Peters

The dynamic Event Coordinator and Band Booker at Mr. Boogie Man Bar situated at 160 Hoddle Street Abbotsford outshone herself recently with her three-band act of


All three bands rocked making the $10.00 entry fee worth every cent. Special mention goes out to STACKHOUSE who performed songs off their latest album, Jack the Dancer. I’ve watched Stackhouse grow from strength to strength and cultivate a note worthy following in the process.

As an original song writing band, they’ve hit the nail on the head with this album.

With their powerhouse cigar box guitar action smashing out rock layered, industrial blues, fused with smatterings of cyber electronics, it’s little wonder seriously edgy tunes like Jack the Dancer, Say Goodbye & All before punch you in the guts with intense emotional lyrics.

Jack the Dancer is a concept album with its obvious theme threaded throughout.


Adam Kovarik is the lyricist of the album and his gravelly vocals and sinuously cigar box guitar playing fuses nicely with Jake Ellis on lead cigar box and Bryan Colechin on cigar box bass. Venom on drums plays like his namesake, what more can I say.

The aptitude of Michelangelo Russo as guest musician, added an acid soup mix with his synths and loops along with brilliant keys, harmonica and trumpet.


Seriously, Jack the Dancer is probably one of the best original albums produced by a local ‘underground’ Melbourne band in a long time. Its sophisticated layering and superb mastering will definitely appeal to the intelligent punter appreciating earnest lyrics interwoven with bloody brilliant tunes.

So as the famous saying goes, ‘Do yourself the favour’ and grab a copy, it’s worth it.

For more info on Stackhouse, visit:




For band bookings contact Jax Peters on:


By Terri Lee Fatouros

Music journalist


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