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Sydney Swans launch new Marn Grook guernsey


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sydney swans launch new marn grook guernsey

Sydney Swans launch new Marn Grook guernsey

The Sydney Swans have unveiled a new Marn Grook guernsey, which has been designed by GO Foundation scholar, artist Lua Pellegrini.

A proud Wiradjuri woman who grew up on Darug country, Pellegrini is studying at UNSW and is Chairperson of the NSW Youth Advisory Council.

The artwork on the guernsey is titled Duguwaybul Yindyamangidyal which means altogether respectfully: respect, gentleness, politeness, honour, careful, altogether as one. It represents connectedness, depicting the story of the 19 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men who have played for the Sydney Swans, both in the past and the present.

Pellegrini said she can’t wait to see Sydney Swans players run out in the guernsey, which will be worn in each of the two weeks of Sir Doug Nicholls Round.

“It will mean a lot, not just to me but to my family, to see the team run out in my design,” Pellegrini said.

“When the Swans contacted me, I was writing an Indigenous Studies essay about Indigenous round guernseys, the importance of the round, and what it means for the Indigenous community as a whole. So, it was really special for me to be asked, and to be picked was even more exciting.”

GO Foundation Co-Founder Michael O’Loughlin said he is incredibly proud to have a GO student design the Marn Grook guernsey.

“Lua is a classic example of never giving up and that just makes my heart smile,” O’Loughlin said.

“To have myself on there, representing my people back home in Adelaide – the Narungga/Ngarrindjeri/Kaurna people – that for me is really special, as it would be for all the other players who have represented the club.”

The 19 Swans players are represented on the guernsey through 19 circles, with each circle representing the importance of the people who support the players, including their own families and communities.

The blue throughout the guernsey represents water, as water is at the core of life for First Nations peoples. Intertwined with the land, water plays a vital role in the strong connection to country of Indigenous peoples, as well as their own being. Water is the giver of life and has enabled the continuation of cultural practices since time immemorial.

Each of the blue circles are interwoven, showing the relationship that these 19 players share as Swans players, as well as their cultural and familial connections to one another.

The light red background featured on the front and the back of the guernsey represents the future and what is to come.

The 19 players represented on the Sydney Swans 2022 Marn Grook guernsey include:

1. Elkin Reilly, 51 games 1962-66

2. Reuben Cooper, 2 games 1969

3. Kevin Taylor, 14 games 1981

4. Jamie Lawson, 61 games 1991-94

5. Brian Stanislaus, 1 game, 1991

6. Alan Thorpe, 3 games 1993

7. Matthew AhMat, 2 games 1994

8. Derek Kickett, 63 games 1994-96

9. Michael O’Loughlin,  303 games 1995-2009

10. Troy Cook, 43 games 1997-1999

11. Robbie AhMat, 42 games 1998-2001

12. Adam Goodes, 372 games (club record) 1999-2015

13. Fred Campbell, 5 games 1999

14. Lewis Jetta, 127 games 2010-2015

15. Byron Sumner, 1 game 2011

16. Tony Armstrong, 15 games 2012-2013

17. Lance Franklin, 142 games (and counting) since 2014

18. James Bell, 23 games (and counting) since 2019

19. Elijah Taylor, 4 games 2020

The Sydney Swans 2022 Marn Grook guernsey, Duguwaybul Yindyamangidyal, is on sale now at the Swanshop.

sydney swans launch new marn grook guernsey
Lance Franklin in the Sydney Swans new 2022 Indigenous Guernsey to be worn for the Sir Doug Nicholls Round. The Swans play Carlton away on the Friday night May 20th for Round 10 and then at home the following Friday for the Marn Grook match against Richmond. Photo by Phil Hillyard

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