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Tag: Indigenous astronomy


How making a film exploring Indigenous stories of the night sky enriched my perspective as a scientist

          Ilgari Inyayimaha (Shared Sky), painted by artists Margaret Whitehurst, Jenny Green, Barbara Merritt, Charmaine Green, Kevin Merritt, Sherryl Green, Tracey Green, Wendy Jackamarra,...

From fireballs in the sky to a shark in the stars: the astronomical artistry of Segar Passi

  Picture: Elsie Passi, Author provided When Uncle Segar Passi watches the position of the setting Sun from his front patio, he notes its location and...

New coins celebrate Indigenous astronomy, the stars, and the dark spaces between them

The Seven Sisters Uncirculated Coin. Royal Australian Mint Two new coins have been released by the Royal Australian Mint to celebrate the astronomical knowledge and traditions...

Why do different cultures see such similar meanings in the constellations?

The Milky Way: a pattern of stars, or a pattern of gaps? Luke Busellato/Wikimedia Commons Almost every person throughout the existence of humankind has...