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Tag: Ukraine invasion


Why is lettuce so expensive? Costs have shot up, and won’t return to where they were

Image: Shutterstock Lettuce prices are skyrocketing. Twitter users are posting photos of iceberg lettuces for A$10 and $11.99, well above the more usual $2.80. It’s not new, and it’s...

Weapons of mass destruction: what are the chances Russia will use a nuclear or chemical attack on Ukraine?

Image: MAXAR TECHNOLOGIES/EPA About three weeks into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it’s safe to say things aren’t going Russia’s way – and it has...

As the Ukraine war drags on, how secure will Putin’s hold on power remain?

Image: MIKHAIL KLIMENTYEV / KREMLIN POOL / SPUTNIK/ EPA There has been constant speculation for most of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s 22 years in power...

Ukraine’s military is outgunned but can still inflict a great deal of pain on Russian forces

Image: EPA-EFE/Sergey Kozlov Ukraine’s ramshackle military offered no resistance to the Crimean annexation in February 2014. Since then the poorly equipped but well-motivated Ukrainian Army has taken thousands...