The Advantages of LED Downlights and LED Fluro Lights 

lights led
lights led

More and more people are changing traditional lighting out for LED options. Where once impractical for widespread use, developments in the technology have come to a point now where that is not the case anymore. As soon as people hear the move will save them money on energy bills and replacement lights with their lower energy needs and longer lifespans, they are ready to make the switch. If everyone moved to LED lighting, whether LED downlights, strips and so on, that could reduce the electricity the planet consumes by as much as 80%! Here is a closer look at the advantages of LED lighting and why you might want to swap your regular fluorescent tube to LED Fluro lights.

Better for the planet

As more people are making moves to reduce their carbon footprint and make better choices for the world around them, that can involve switching to LED lights. There are several ways they are better than other lighting options. They need less energy to still light as bright as traditional bulbs so reduce your energy consumption. They also need changing less frequently as they have a much longer lifespan and that means they have less of an impact on the environment in terms of their manufacture and their waste. They do not use toxic materials either.

Better life span

Mentioned above is the fact that LED downlights have a longer lifespan than traditional options. That is a good thing for the environment but it also makes life easier for people that use them. You save money on having to frequently buy replacements. You also do not have a light suddenly blow out and leave a place in darkness. Leaving the light on is not so much a waste of energy or going to drastically lower how long it lasts. Plus there is the bonus that when it is left on for long periods the diodes will drop how much light they emit so reduce energy usage again.

More durable

LED Fluro lights or any kind of LED is a more durable option too. They can handle shock, be water-resistant and can handle impact and vibrations. This makes them just as successful outside as they can be inside. Severe weather like storms, strong winds, sleet or hail will not cause damage. Nor can they be easily vandalised like traditional lighting in public areas.

Low UV emission

There are some situations where lighting cannot use a lot of UV emissions or high infrared. For example, if lighting up an expensive piece of art, pieces on a museum, valuable collections in private homes. LED lights do not produce such things making them a better choice than conventional lighting, which can cause damage under that heat.

Using compatible dimmer switchers

When using LED downlights of you want to have them on dimmer switches, that is possible. You just need to make sure the dimmer is LED compatible. You cannot use a dimmer used with traditional lighting.

Why move from Fluro tubes to LED?

If you like LED lighting you can now get it in tube form to replace your old fluorescent tube lighting. Fluro tubes were more efficient but LED tubes are more so. Plus there is the fact that the original fluorescent tubes are a part of the problem with greenhouse gas emissions. This is because they have a harmful gas in them that has an ingredient called mercury vapour. Since LED is more energy-efficient and mercury vapor free, this makes more sense.

Then you can compare how long LED Fluro lights last compared to traditional fluorescent tubes. A T8 regular fluorescent tube at 36 watts has a lifespan of about 10,000 hours. Its LED equivalent that runs on 16 watts has an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours. That is 5 times the life with less than half the energy needed. With the concern over its waste along with its higher replacement costs and maintenance costs, the days of traditional fluorescent tube lighting are limited.

LED fluros can be used anywhere the tubes are found, commercial properties like warehouses or factories, hospitals, offices, car parks and so on. Anyone using the tubes will quickly make back the money from the cost of switching, and then continue to save in energy bills, and be less of a burden on the environment. People who get annoyed with the flickering fluorescent tubes tend to do will be happy to know that LED lights do not have the same problem!


To summarise the switch to LED lighting will;

  • Save you money on the energy bills – since they use less wattage. Where once you needed a 50-watt bulb with traditional lighting, with LED you need 5 watts for the same level of illumination.
  • Be better for the environment – the whole planet needs to reduce how much energy it consumes. You can be on the right side of that need.
  • Be less wasteful and less dangerous as waste – lasting longer they need throwing away less often and no mercury.
  • Runs longer – less hassle to use and have to change regularly.
  • It is more durable – getting the right durability means you can have them in some tough conditions and they won’t damage easily.
  • Needs less maintenance and replacement – just wipe them clean now and then.
  • It can be put on dimmer – just make sure it is one that is compatible with LED lighting.

Just remember if you decide to seek out LED lighting to replace what you have, be sure to look for the best quality in lighting and fittings. You are more likely to get strong and long-lasting lighting if you get better quality options. You can also find lights with great design potential and flexibility, as well as practical for indoor uses and out.



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