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The Great Moscow Circus [Melb]

20240628 121823
IT’S ALL NEW, it’s WILD and it’s EXTREME! The Great Moscow Circus is here Melbourne!
Under the legendary banner of THE GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS death-defying acts from around the globe are being presented throughout Victoria in 2024. COVID-19 grounded the Circus in 2021 and due to the sensitive political world situation, these carefully chosen superstars have come together for the first time in a brand new show performing throughout Victoria.
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The Great Moscow Circus first visited Australia in 1965 under the auspices of the Edgley Organisation and has continued every three to five years in Australia and New Zealand ever since. When the Soviet Union collapsed in December 1991, the Edgley family purchased (Trademarks) on the ownership of the name. These trademarks are currently owned by the Edgley family and the Weber Circus Family, both of Australia and have no association or affiliation whatsoever with the government of Russia. The Great Moscow Circus is an extremely strong brand name built up in Australia and New Zealand since the 1960s with over 7 million guests attending our different seasons.
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This season the Great Moscow Circus comprises of superstar international acts from Armenia, Ukraine, Brazil, Columbia, Greece, New Zealand and Australia. Our new EXTREME show features daredevil BMX and Pro Scooter Riders, hair-raising multi-motorcycle cage riders and world record acclaimed pole act. Our Armenian clown has been revered as ‘the funniest in the world’ leaving audiences roaring in laughter. The Wheel of Death and electrifying high tricks on the Trampoline heighten the EXTREME theme, leaving audiences gasping in shock. Several extraordinary aerial acts and a mind-blowing trapeze act tote amazing techno colour lighting and superb costuming to thrill the crowd. Standing ovations have ricocheted throughout the Big Top of the ALL-NEW international extreme Circus in Queensland, The Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania.
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Touring for the first time in 6 years throughout Victoria. Do not be confused… other circuses come and go… But there is only one GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS that upholds the high-quality brand name. This year provides the most extreme, wild, professional superstar acts….. as THE GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS continues its unique tradition in Australia.
The The Great Moscow Circus has come to town! Visit them at Port Melbourne from 28 June 2024 till 15 July 2024.
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All photos supplied by The Toorak Times lead photographer, Lord Murray Schoorman of Peak Hour Images
Opening Night is 28 June 2024
JL Murphy Reserve, Port Melbourne (City of Port Phillip)