Theatric Tactics Announces Production Of My First Time

My First Time: Teasing tales about something that [almost] everyone experiences, but no one talks about…

It’s reality TV and YouTube come to life. True confessions of how people did “it” for the first time, meshed into an intriguing show. Some might consider it foreplay for a date night. Or the antidote to any pre-wedding jitters. For others:  a meaningful comment on what is, for most people, a rite of passage.

My First Time is a documentary-style comedy show about first sexual experiences.  Before blogging existed, a website ( was set up that allowed people to anonymously share their own true stories about their losing their virginity.  The website became an instant phenomenon as over 60,000 stories, poured in from around the globe.  From there, playwright Ken Davenport combined stories of sex, love, and loss; ranging from the silly, sweet, absurd, funny, shy, sexy, heartbreaking and everything in between.  Like sneaking a peek in someone else’s diary, the cast brings these true stories to life, inhabiting the roles of the varied anonymous storytellers.  They offer hilarious and dramatic characterisations as the show treads the line between candid and blunt, while keeping an open-mind.
It provides a very personal and intimate experience, and a bit of a guilty pleasure.  Even more so as the whole audience becomes part of the story as their own “first time” is integrated into the show.  Audiences can expect to go from laughing to crying, to being shocked and perhaps even being touched deeply, in a short time.  Overall, audience will leave the show feeling satisfied.
It’s the perfect choice for hen’s parties, a date night or just a fun night out.  After hearing about everyone’s first times, it’ll get you thinking about your first time… and of course, the next time – igniting some revealing post-show conversation!
This production opens on 14 MARCH 2018 and runs for a limited season until 18 MARCH 2018. Bookings recommended.

Show Details: My First Time

Dates: 14 – 18 March 2018
Time: 7pm
Cost: $25-32
Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne

About the Production Company

The production company behind the show, Theatric Tactics selected a show that had a universal theme albeit with a provocative nature, as a reflection of their working principle: they wanted to give voice to those not usually not heard.  By presenting on what is considered taboo in a manner that’s human and approachable, they hope to bring greater understanding and connectedness between performers and audiences alike.
Theatric Tactics support performers who are passionate about their art but face barriers accessing and participating in creative endeavours.  Their aim is to increase the participation of these under-represented groups in the performing arts industry.