This Week’s Top Story: The Best Burger In Parramatta Town


Healthy, All natural, heavenly delicious, budget-friendly, and proudly Parramatta made! Here are just some words to describe John Belverde’s best burger in Parramatta Town.

So let’s start with a few introductions, shall we? We have walked the streets of Parramatta and found great heavens on earth.

It’s been a long week, and we know you deserve to treat yourself with something that can satisfy your palette. Hey, this doesn’t mean you sacrifice your health, but rather feel no guilt at all with healthy options! We just found the best burger in Parramatta town. The place has cozy interiors, and the treats are just to die for!  From freshly made burger patty, innovative cocktails and artist paintings on the wall – well, a totally Instagrammable background.

John Belverde restaurant is a newly opened resto in the city, we’ve only heard about this resto before, but of course, it’s only for us to find out that it’s one of the must-visit in town. It’s the best new spot to hang out with your friends and family.  Here are things we love the most at this place:

Best Burger in Parramatta Town

Talking about the best of the best. Tasty, mouth-watering 100% Australian beef of special cuts and blend combined into perfection with our fresh milky buns. A lethal combination that’s so addicting you can’t seem to forget about it. The meat is grinded daily from their farms, grilled to perfection, making it juicy and tender. All buns are freshly baked in-house each day to ensure they are serving only the best tasting food.  Who says burgers are boring? Combine them with freshly picked lettuce, and other toppings that suit your palate and you can agree that it’s the best burger in Parramatta Town.

Epic Cocktails

When you are looking for a good drink for an excellent price, then look no more since John Belverde serves innovative cocktails that can complete your Friday night Jive! They serve a whole range of wine, spirits, cocktails, and of course booze. The classic and rustic atmosphere compliments its various fruit concoctions and mojitos, perfect just to relax and forget the busy streets of New South Wales. Don’t forget their sweets and desserts that are all to die for!

Cozy, Enticing Ambience

Kick off your exploration of the best food experience with such a great ambience. Walls are painted with your favourite artist, together with a mix of a retro classic interior and furniture. Their staffs are also friendly and welcoming, not to mention their skilled bartenders that never fails to impress their visitors. Incredibly, a total package for a resto that serves great food and booze on an affordable price.

Been there? Comment down your experience.

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