Tips for a Healthier Pregnancy

Tips for a Healthier Pregnancy
Tips for a Healthier Pregnancy

Pregnancy is both a time of great excitement and of concern for women and their families. The miracle of life is hard not to celebrate, of course, but there are also many things that can go wrong, and many things that can negatively impact the woman’s health, not to mention that of the unborn child.

It’s very common for pregnant women and their families to seek out advice on how to make their pregnancy a safer and healthier time for all concerned. If you’re one of those individuals or family members, then below are some tips that will hopefully help you out!

1. Consult Regularly with Your Doctor(s)

The first and most important piece of advice is for those going through pregnancy to keep up to date with all appointments made with their doctor and other medical professionals, including midwives and any others. If you have committed to the idea of attending antenatal classes, for instance, then you should keep to those and learn everything you can.

The amount of information you may feel necessary to absorb during pregnancy is enormous, especially with the myriad books and online resources that are available to us. With so many differing and sometimes conflicting opinions, it’s usually best to stick with what your doctor tells you. They know you best and will give you advice based on your individual circumstances.

2. Look into Pregnancy Massage

Another great option is a specialty evidence-based pregnancy massage in Sydney CBD, which have been shown to benefit women by increasing relaxation, which in turn can offer relief to common ailments that occur during pregnancy such as back pain and muscle fatigue. This kind of prenatal massage has even been shown to relieve pain and make women less anxious as they start to go into labour.

If you’re not sure about a massage, you can always ask your doctor first, but nowadays many are recommending prenatal massage as a great supplemental form of pregnancy care.

3. Prenatal Vitamins and Hydration

Nutrition is always important, of course, but it becomes doubly so when you’re pregnant. A good way to ensure that you get all the nutrients you need is to take multivitamins that are specially formulated to support pregnant individuals. Remember that you’re getting nutrition for two here, not just for yourself. Prenatal vitamins typically contain elevated levels of folic acid, iron, and calcium, all of which are highly beneficial for expecting mothers.

On top of vitamins, staying properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water is a must, too. Water should really be the “go-to” drink for anyone expecting. Your body needs more water than it does when you’re not carrying a baby around!

4. Steer Clear of Certain Foods

Most pregnant women already know to steer clear of alcohol and smoking — including being around others who smoke — during pregnancy, but what about other food and drink that should be avoided? Caffeine is another thing to avoid, since research has shown that it can constrict blood vessels in the uterus and placenta, which can reduce the baby’s blood supply and even stunt its growth.

Foods to steer clear of include many raw foods including raw/rare meat, raw eggs, and raw fish. You should also avoid soft cheeses and unpasteurised milk. If you’re a big fan of fish in general such as tuna, then you might want to tone it down because if there’s elevated mercury content, then it can cause harm to the baby.

 5. Daily Exercise and Sound Sleep

Two more things that will benefit your physical and mental health when pregnant include a good amount of daily exercise and plenty of sleep. If you’re a regular gym nut and you’re worried about certain forms of exercise that might not be healthy, remember to talk your ideas over with a doctor, first.


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