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Young people do not have it easy these days. There is the looming pressure of studies, increasing costs of living the life, the stress of doing better than your peer, and the burden of finding a job so you can ‘do well’ in your career. Add social media to the list and you have yourself worrying about clothes, traveling, add crooked metal smiles to this number and you will find yourself in a fix. Well, let angst over teen braces be now a thing of the past, for you too can live and travel with braces in style.

Imperative Dental Checkup

Dental Checkup

Doctor visits may feel like a pain to fit into your busy routine while you pack, but ensure you schedule a dental checkup before embarking on your trip. Make a list of all your questions before going in so you have a handy reminder. Your dentist can see if your braces require any fixing up before you go. It is important to inform them about your traveling and how long you are going so that your dental treatment proceeds according to plan and your efforts thus far are not laid to waste. With traditional braces, your doctor can check if your brackets, ties, and bands are in place.

If you wear retainers or have only just acquired them, you will probably be updated about the length of time that you will need to wear them every day, any care that is required for their cleaning and upkeep, and what you can and cannot do while you have them on. Ask them what constitutes a dental emergency in your case, and how to deal with them. For example, it is a good idea to learn now of any wires that get loose, poke or break off. When is it essential to visit the local dentist, and when can a simple phone call to your healthcare provider do the trick? Find out more about when to see your local dentist. Also, if you will be playing any sports during the time that you are away, your dentist can give you the rundown on what is safe, and if you ought to be ordering a custom mouth guard for yourself right away.


Caring for your teeth and gums is a separate deal in its entirety, so pack for your dental care individually. Start with the basic oral care items that you need and work your way up by going through your complete care routine, then carefully think of items and spares for emergencies. You have to continue caring for your pearly whites even on the go, for braces and retainers work by exerting force 24/7.

Here Is A Small List To Get You Started:


  • Toothbrush and toothpaste — Consider the number of liquids (including toothpaste and ointments) that you are allowed to travel with and pack accordingly. Individual clear bags are best for items that go together. However, be sure to air dry your toothbrush when you are in your rooms.
  • Dental floss, floss threaders, and interdental brushes — Flossing is mandatory. Floss threaders are a magical invention that makes the job easier, and less off-putting for you.
    If you haven’t discovered interdental cleaners yet, now is the time. You may just be tempted to go for that pizza or hard candy whilst on vacation and as careful as you may be, it is very easy to get food items stuck between your teeth and ruin the job that your braces are working so hard to do. Use the interdental brush to get that annoying food fiber off.
  • Dental Wax — Wax is always helpful. Do you know how braces tend to develop a pointy bit that becomes painful? You can use a bit of wax to smooth out any rough or poking ends and prevent your mouth from getting all bloody.
  • Nail Clippers — Clippers come in handy when you wish to bite off that inadvertent piece of metal or nail for that matter. Keep a small one on you at all times.
  • Rubber Bands — Keep an extra pack for your braces for when they snap or hurt and you need to put one on.
  • Pencil — A new one (blunt) with an eraser end. It comes in very useful when you wish to push on a small, untucked wire end. For softer pushes, the eraser does well, otherwise, you can use the wooden end.
  • Protective Case — If you have one for retainers, aligners or a mouth guard, it must be with you so you are not hunting for tissues to keep them in when the time comes.

Besides these items, anything that you deem essential must be with you. You may have heard of keeping a compact mirror with you for checking on your braces on the go. But the job is usually handled without one for you must be having a smartphone or a camera with you.

Keeping Up With Your Care Routine

teen braces

You are making a big investment on your part, and not just in terms of money either. Why compromise on all that hard work? Maintain your oral care routine even whilst traveling so your smile continues to shine. Take out time and make the effort to clean your teeth after every meal. This also means that you will have to make conscious food choices rather than being careless with snacks or meals. If you really have to eat some chewy food like pizza, cut it up into bite-sized pieces and rinse your mouth with water after every sugary intake. A collapsible water bottle is very efficient in such situations. You can quickly gargle or have your drink and then there is no need for you to carry a full, bulky water bottle around with you.

Have an Emergency Plan

In case a need arises for you to visit the dentist, have a plan with you. Would your dentist be available for you on call? This is best, for then you can get their advice as to whether you should see the local dentist or your treatment can wait until you get back. They can also guide you regarding simple steps that can get you safely through your trip. Your emergency kit may also include braces-friendly snacks that do not put a strain on your braces. Think yogurt cups, cottage cheese, soft fruits and vegetables like grapes, bananas, and avocado, etc.

Make sure you keep your appointment with your dentist upon your return from the trip. It is especially important to do so if you had an emergency during your travels, or had an unusual meal or sensation that your dentist may want to know about.

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