I went along to Topolinos for a late night snack and I was settling into a beautiful Spaghetti Bolognese with some crusty bread and butter when owner Matt Forte told me of his new additions to the menu.
I have often had their crumbed Tiger Prawns, always reliably good with a sweet chilli and a mayonnaise sauce and a few crisp leaves. Just 4 but always beautifully cooked and plump.
Matt has introduced 2 more ‘tapas’ like courses that are simply delicious to compliment this stand out dish.
I first tried the Spiced Chicken breast tenders with satay and mayo/pesto sauces and a fine julienne root salad, sweet and tender chicken and the crunch of the radish, beetroot etc was very refreshing on the palate.
With the salad repeated I tried the Chilli Calamari Tender Strips…oh my god…they literally dissolve in your mouth…THE most tender calamari I think I have ever tried. Again the crisp salad, perfectly dressed.
Now when I say chilli, this isn’t a dish for the hero chilli chompers, it is a mild and delicate introduction for a tender palate, but do not worry, if you want more heat it can be provided.
Adding these 2 dishes has actually added a whole new experience at Topos as they offer that extra dimension the ‘Starters’ menu with cheeses and other finger food already available.
Topos is also famed for its seafood, so as summer approaches the oysters will become more tempting on a hot summer’s day, so it is conceivable with a bunch of friends ordering the lot and sharing for a wonderful luncheon spree.
Wonder if I can convince him to do a mini chilli mussels to add to this menu range, and maybe a flathead taco…mwoohaha
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