Two Paddocks Pinot Noir Central Otago 2011


The Reason this Pinot Noir is called two paddocks is simple enough it comes from two paddocks or something along those lines.

Winemakers Notes: In 2011, this wine was an assemblage from our Gibbston First Paddock and the Earnscleugh Last Chance and Red Bank vineyards. Again, each block and clone was picked and fermented separately, with the final blending taking place prior to bottling.

That’s the technical stuff out of the way now to the wine.

This wine showed an aged pinot character that I personally enjoyed. I would like to point out I would not have purchased the wine, if not for the recommendation of Tony Lewis (God rest his soul) some years back when he told me to tuck it away for 4 or 5 years then start drinking it.

A reasonably dark red for a Pinot of this age which gave me little thrill as I have two more bottles tucked away and there is no sign of this wine fading away too soon. Although tannin and acid were taking a back seat on this journey, they were there however not dominate just tagging along for the ride in wonderful balance with the fruit flavours.

On the nose there was more raspberry than strawberry hints coming through followed by the ghost of coffee and oak. In the mouth there was dark bright rich fruit fading into traces of white pepper and the hint of minerals or damp river stones may be even flint stone on the finish every thing was wrapt around another flavour, I was not sure if it was taste or the aroma of the wine that I was enjoying so much.

I think I would comfortably describe this wine as a well dressed young lady with a wonderful perfume that will just get more elegant as she ages and fills out in all the right places.


The best Central Otago Pinot Noir I have tasted this year. Michael Lillis