Ways to Make Your Home Happier

Ways to Make Your Home Happier
Ways to Make Your Home Happier

Do you have one of those little signs hanging up in your kitchen that says “Home Sweet Home”? Or maybe it’s on your welcome mat? Does the message feel a bit ironic to you these days? If so, you’re not alone. It’s quite normal for people to feel unhappy in their homes, even when surrounded by a loving spouse, amazing children, other relatives, friends and even a friendly pet…what’s going wrong?

Sometimes we can just start to feel that life is getting on top of us. In those situations, it’s good to know about different ways we can use to start to make home life happier. Here are some great ideas:

1. Do Some Interior Redesigns

Often we can feel stuck in a rut at home because every day we wake up and it’s the same colours, the same layout, the same clutter everywhere we look. To remedy this, why not look for a complete interior design service to breathe new life into your interior spaces? Some simple decoration and renovation can do wonders for making home feel like a totally different space, and that’s often enough to start lifting the spirits.

2. Get Everyone Pitching In with Chores

Sometimes home can feel like an oppressive place because there is an endless list of chores to get done. The place needs dusting, the dishes are piling up, the garage is a mess, the kids’ rooms are in chaos, there’s pet hair all over the living room rug…it goes on and on. If just one of you, or perhaps just the parents are trying to do all of the chores, it can create an unhappy and even resentful household indeed.

Get everyone chipping in with the chores and it will go a lot faster. Create a simple rotating schedule that gets everyone doing jobs appropriate for their free time and age. When everyone has to keep it clean, it not only gets easier, but it tends to stay cleaner longer since everyone knows they’re the ones who have to tidy it up when the mess comes.

4. Let In More Light

Do you often have blinds and curtains half closed because kids are trying to watch TV or play video games? Are there small rooms in the house like the bathroom that can only be lit by harsh fluorescent lights? What you need is more natural light flooding in.

There’s nothing like natural light to really blow away the (metaphorical) cobwebs and make a space feel fresh and whole again. Use light tubes in small upstairs rooms that will draw in natural light from the roof and create a warmer, more welcoming feeling in those spaces.

5. Create a Kids-Only Space

If your kids are crawling up the walls and getting in the way all over the house, then why not create a space just for them? If you don’t need your garage, or have a spare room to use up, creating a kids’ play room where they can keep their toys, video games and more is a great idea. They can have that space as their own instead of bringing their chaos all over the house.

6. Eat Dinner Together

They say things like “a family that eats together, stays together” but it’s actually even more than that. Research shows that when families eat together, kids do better in school, too. It even reduces their chances of becoming overweight or obese. The dinner table is actually an important family dynamic that allows healthy communication between family members, and acts as real quality time for all concerned.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/tulips-tulipa-sign-sweet-home-key-2091609/

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