What Are the Chances to Win in Solitaire Game?


How many times have you played Solitaire online and got blocked without any available moves? Then, you know that this game is actually not so easy to win as it might seem. In fact, the rules are not so complex since all you have to do is transfer some cards, reveal others, build the foundation piles, and you are done. However, believe it or not, there are some statistics that stay behind the success of anyone who decides to play Solitaire. In the following paragraphs, you will find verified details on the odds that you have to win.

How Often You Can Win a Solitaire Game

Even though classic Solitaire relaxes us, it can also cause a lot of nerves when you lose it. But, it is no time to blame yourself! Instead of getting anxious, remember that according to some mathematical researches, only about 80% of games can be finished. Moreover, you might not win all of that 80% since the result depends on your decisions as well. The chances drop significantly with each wrong move that a player makes. If you place one card in the wrong position, it will trigger a sequence of other incorrect movements. So, even a lucky layout can be failed. Thus, a professional player can realistically win only 43% of all Solitaire games started.

Are There Any Solutions?

Such statistics should not discourage you from spending some amount of your leisure with Solitaire card games. There are some tips that you can implement to achieve better results. For example, if you move back the cards that you put on the final pile, your chances to win the game grow to a maximum of 92%.

Also, don’t spend too much time thinking on the next action if you see the game may be unsolvable. This is especially important if you face some difficulties during the first moves. There is a fact that at least 1 in 400 Solitaire games is lost from the beginning.

How to Get the Most Value from Playing Solitaire?

Considering the things said above, let’s remember that one of the most common names of Solitaire is Patience. So, why not refer to this wordplay? Stay calm during the games and keep in mind what was the reason for you to spend several minutes or a couple of hours with this game.

If your goal is to just have fun or not get bored during traveling, the result will not be as important as the process itself. On the other hand, in case you are aiming for improving your attentiveness or strategic thinking, every game will bring some benefits too. Therefore, take winning as just a bonus!


Free Solitaire Masters is something that millions of people around the world know about. But not all of them realize the odds of success in this game. Once you play it for the first time, you will find out that even simple rules can bring exciting experience and boost your soft skills. Besides, there are many versions of the game. They make it even more fun and interesting to discover. So, choose the variant that suits you most and have a good time!


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