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What is Eco-Friendly Packaging in Skin Care?


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No matter what you purchase these days, the packaging is almost always plastic. This article is for people who wish to switch to healthier, sustainable alternatives.

We are always on a constant hunt for skin care products that do not include harmful chemicals that could mar our skin in the long run. We seldom think of how the packaging of these products can affect our environment. If we’re being mindful about what goes in our body, we must also take into account how we contribute to what happens on the outside.

There are numerous products for beauty and glow skincare in Brisbane that are manufactured sustainably. Infact, products that help in skin resurfacing Brisbane are also now packaged in glass bottles that are completely recyclable. As the world is becoming more conscious, more and more brands are also looking for alternatives and choosing to be eco-friendly.

What is eco-friendly packaging?

Packaging that has a lower impact on the environment as compared to conventional packaging is considered to be eco-friendly. Brands these days are driven, by consumer sentiments, to make sustainable products along with sustainable packaging so that nothing ends up in the landfills, our water bodies, etc.

Eco-friendly packaging is booming as the majority of consumers do not wish to engage with brands and spend their money on products that are not biodegradable. The bitter truth is that eco-friendly packaging

Comes with it’s own challenges. Cosmetics contained in eco-friendly packages could themselves break down the packaging and cause waste of product.

Most products these days are packed in glass or metal containers as they’re both biodegradable. This is a great option but it gets difficult to replace pumps. The pumps are usually made with some amount of plastic.

Eco-friendly packaging can help make sure that you’re not fuelling the production of chemicals used for the same.

What are eco-friendly materials?

Materials used in packaging that will not end up as waste but get recycled are known as sustainable materials. The industry is aiming for a no waste system when it comes to packaging. Usually materials like metal, glass, and cardboard are used to contain products. These materials are biodegradable and make for the ideal eco-friendly materials.

Here are a few materials that can be used to produce eco-friendly packaging:

  • PCR Packaging

Post consumer resin is a smart sustainable solution for eco-friendly packaging needs. When non-biodegradable materials end up as waste, PCR technology can be used to recycle these materials into packaging products that give customers a luxe feeling while also covering the eco-friendly requirement.

PCR packaging has many advantages such as:

  • Re-uses single use plastic
  • Reduces landfill waste
  • Can be recycled all over again
  • Requires less energy for production
  • Helps in building a more circular economy
  • Offers similar appearance and feel as plastic products
  • Helps is preserving fossil fuels
  • No petro-chemical resins to be used
  • Resistant to stress cracking
  • Bamboo Packaging

Another sustainable ingredient for producing eco-friendly packaging solutions is bamboo. The biggest plus point is that it is available abundantly and can be grown for any purpose. Bamboo is also considered to be a luxury product along with being sustainable. The bamboo industry is booming as the construction and textile industry has also started making use of the plant. It’s fast growing and ideal to meet the needs of packaging that does not create more waste.

Here are the benefits of bamboo:

  • High strength and durability
  • Can be reused and recycled
  • Locally sourced
  • Compostable
  • Can be grown fast
  • Paper Packaging

Paper is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. It makes for the perfect packaging alternative for petroleum based plastic used in cosmetic packaging. You can use sustainable paper with an oil barrier and successfully use it for packaging.

Why is sustainable packaging important?

Sustainable packaging has now become a trending topic as consumers start to educate themselves and switch to being more environmentally conscious. We all buy so many beauty products. Each product has a layer or two packaging which amounts to more wastage.

The problem also arises when consumers are never able to use the products entirely. There’s always some amount of formula that goes waste, also feels as though it was designed in such a way that you cannot use it to its entirety. That is not viable for the consumer’s skin care budget, nor is it viable in terms of generated waste. Switching to jars and bottles feels more consumer and environmentally friendly. Accessing every last bit of the product is also a win-win.

Whenever you go to a skin specialist in Brisbane, ask them how they are making an effort to be more conscious about the waste they are generating. When you opt for skin treatments in Brisbane, most of the time your specialist will give a product to use after your procedure. Inquire about these products being planet conscious. Asking questions is a great way to divert people’s attention to things that actually require their attention.

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