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How the Groundhog Day grind of lockdown scrambles your memory and sense of time

  Image: Youtube With roughly half of Australia in lockdown at the moment, a common experience is a warped sense of time and poor memory. What day is it? What...

Google is leading a vast, covert human experiment. You may be one of the guinea pigs

 Image: Shuttlestock On January 13 the Australian Financial Review reported Google had removed some Australian news content from its search results...

Will I or won’t I? Scientists still haven’t figured out free will, but they’re having fun trying

 Social media algorithms, artificial intelligence, and our own genetics are among the factors influencing us beyond our awareness....

Not all doom and gloom: even in a pandemic, mixed emotions are more common than negative ones

Patrick Fore / Unsplash Much has been written on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on negative emotions, such as...