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Will News Corp change its approach after Labor’s election win? Not if the US example is anything to go by

Sky News in the week following the election result In 1953, the Communist East German regime quashed a widespread uprising and afterwards admonished the protesters, saying the government had lost...

High Court rules media are liable for Facebook comments on their stories. Here’s what that means for your favourite Facebook pages

  Image: Shuttlestock A publisher can be held responsible for defamatory comments readers leave on its Facebook pages, the...

‘Hope’ versus ‘threat’: how The Age got entangled in competing pandemic storylines

  Picture: Daniel Pockett/AAP Two distinct narratives have emerged in the public debate about COVID-19, a narrative of hope...

Is fast-tracking funds to Foxtel the best way to support the media during COVID

Picture: Shuttlestock According to an ABC report, government funds were fast-tracked to Foxtel during the coronavirus pandemic. This news will raise...