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Place a link in pre-published posts.



Native Advertising Guidelines

1. ADDING LINKS – Contextual links are problematic for us because some of our content is syndicated and licenced.

PLEASE NOTE – Anything posted under ‘Guest Author’ is excluded from adding links to as they are syndicated stories from licensed news aggregators.

We have one section – A Link Bank that has almost 2000 SEO-written posts with many categories to choose from –

Links to General Posts must be for inclusion in stories that are at least 12 months old – non-exclusivity applies after 12 months.

***The fee is as quoted above.


Guest posts MUST have a Licenced Feature Pic, must be original content and must have a minimum of 750 words count.

***The fee is as quoted above.

3. FEATURE IMAGES – You MUST supply a licensed Feature Pic or Graphic at least 1200px wide…your post may be delayed.

4. SEO – If you would like to send me tags, keywords, and focus key phrase/s we will also add them.

5. PAYMENT – Payment is to be provided via PayPal at within 24 hours after the link/invoice has been sent to you.

If your company has other commercial requirements please contact us to ensure arrangements are made

6. PERMANENT DO-FOLLOW LINKS – Limited to two text do-follow links embedded, if links are not working, they will be removed/replaced. Non-exclusivity applies after 12 months.

*We reserve the right to add non-competitive contextual links to your stories after 12 months of exclusivity.

8. ASAP Google indexing

The links we offer will be permanent, indexable, and do-follow.

9. TAT

In normal circumstances during business hours in Australia posts are placed within 24/48 hours. Weekends may delay some late requests.

Please ensure that you have included a licensed Feature Image otherwise delays can occur.

We are open to trade cooperation with legitimate advertising agencies and SEO agencies, especially Australian local businesses.