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Tag: Chris Bowen


Labor has introduced its controversial climate bill to parliament. Here’s how to give it real teeth

Image: Lukas Coch/AAP Early Wednesday, the federal government introduced its hotly awaited climate change bill to parliament. Despite the attention and controversy it’s attracted, the proposed...

Grattan on Saturday: Everything, it seems, is conspiring to test the Albanese government

Image: Lukas Coch/AAP On Thursday Anthony Albanese and Energy Minister Chris Bowen formally updated Australia’s international commitment for its proposed climate change action. It’s now...

Grattan on Saturday: Albanese government mugged by gas crisis as it faces challenge of managing expectations

Tony Burke reads a poem aloud every day and has a piano lesson once a week. The new minister for employment and workplace relations, as...

Labor’s 2030 climate target betters the Morrison government, but Australia must go much further, much faster

  Image: Lucas Coch/AAP The Labor opposition has pledged to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by 43% this decade based on 2005 levels, claiming the...