10 Tips For A Zero Waste Christmas

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These days, Christmas and extravagance go hand in hand. Whether it’s the Christmas bon bons in Melbourne or a simple candy cane as a decorative piece, they start to appear in stores in September or the relentless advertising informing you what gifts you need to buy for your loved ones, it’s all part of the Christmas season.

People love spending their money on xmas crackers, or buying bon bons in bulk for Christmas. In Australia, Christmas crackers play an important role in celebrating the festivity and catering crackers for Christmas but it is crucial to understand the sustainability factor behind it.

It’s difficult to have a low-key Christmas without feeling guilty about not doing it “properly.” There are, (thankfully), methods for having a successful zero-waste Christmas. You won’t have to worry about wasting money or going bankrupt. Isn’t that just what you’re looking for?

  1. Choose sustainable Christmas gifts

When buying Christmas presents, try to choose eco-friendly and sustainable options. This could mean choosing products that are made from recycled materials or opting for Fairtrade certified items.

  1. Say no to disposable Christmas decorations

Disposable Christmas decorations may seem like a convenient option, but they often end up in the bin after just one use. Instead, choose reusable decorations that can be used year after year. In Australia, Christmas bon bons play a huge role for decorative purposes.

  1. Make your own Christmas cards

Buying Christmas cards can be a waste of money and resources. Why not make your own cards out of recycled materials?

  1. Choose Christmas food wisely

Christmas is a time when we tend to overindulge in food. Try to choose Christmas foods that are environmentally friendly and sustainable, such as organic Christmas ham or Christmas pudding.

  1. Recycle your Christmas wrapping paper

Christmas wrapping paper can often be difficult to recycle, but it is possible. Make sure you check with your local council to see if they have a recycling scheme for Christmas wrapping paper.

  1. Use reusable gift bags and boxes

Reusable gift bags and boxes are a great way to reduce packaging waste at Christmas. They can also be reused year after year.

  1. Avoid plastic Christmas tree decorations

Plastic Christmas tree decorations are not biodegradable and often end up in landfill. Choose eco-friendly Christmas ornaments made from sustainable materials instead.

  1. Send Christmas e-cards

E-cards are a great way to send Christmas greetings without creating any waste. You can also recycle them afterwards.

  1. Have a Christmas carpool

If you’re travelling to see family and friends over Christmas, try to organise a carpool with other people. This will reduce the amount of pollution caused by cars during the holiday period.

  1. Dispose of Christmas waste responsibly

Christmas is a time when we produce a lot of waste. Make sure you dispose of Christmas waste responsibly and avoid littering by finding out your council’s Christmas waste and recycling collection dates.

Did you know that around the holidays, each Australian household increases their waste by 30% on average? This includes the 300,000 tonnes of cardboard packaging discarded each year. While the holidays are a time to be cheerful and appreciative, they are also an opportunity to consider what we might do to live more mindfully. Furthermore, 70% of us admit to purchasing significantly more food than we require.

In face of the rising climate problem, many of us are moving to a greener way of life. As a result, there’s never been a better time to cut our carbon footprint than now.

Have the best Christmas ever – without any rubbish!

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