1922 Burmester Late Bottled Reserva Vintage port

100 years old $1500.00

IMG 1 3 scaled 1
IMG 1 3 scaled 1
First thing I need to point out is 1922 was a very good year for Burmester. Next, they used good corks to seal the bottle and the wine has been stored correctly.
This wine as you would expect is very rare and hard to find.
Let alone get a chance to taste one.
Well today 26/04/2022, myself and a few lucky close friends of Tom the custodian of this rare bottle of wine got to try this 100 year old, 1922 Vintage port.
The label had turned black and flaky like a 100 year old sheet of paper would over time.
(the cork did crumble with age however the wine was in sound condition)
The wine had a sherry note about it on the nose, but when it entered the mouth the fruit was firm and ghost like all at the same time.
There was a wonderful acid washing away the last hints of ripe fruit, filling the mouth with a dry ripe acid warmth that lingered and then burst into a smile that spread across my face and lasted all day.

michael lillisMichael Lillis

The Rot has set in 

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