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3 Reasons Why Collectors Love Buying Rolex


People buy watches for several reasons. Some buy watches since they need a tool to track time and perform other functions that modern luxury watches could offer. There are also watch users who wear them to match their look for a certain occasion. And then there are watch collectors, people who love buying and collecting watches. There are many reasons why some people collect watches. But we can say that this is a fun (and very expensive) hobby or passion.

There are many watch brands that collectors choose to buy as an investment or to add to their collection. Among these watch manufacturers are Rolex, a watch brand so popular that even non-watch lovers know this brand. This watch has been shown in movies, worn by many celebrities, and there is even a song about it. But there are many other reasons why some people love to collect Rolex watches. 

  • A Status Symbol 

For many people all over the world, owning a Rolex watch is almost synonymous with getting a bag from Chanel or a dress from Gucci. Rolex has become a symbol of wealth, privilege, and power similar to Apple and Louis Vuitton. This further reinforces the company’s reputation and position in the luxury watch industry. When people see you wearing or owning a Rolex watch regardless of the model, they would automatically assume that you are rich, since watches from this reputable Swiss company are very expensive. These watches are also seen on the wrists of celebrities, politicians, explorers, members of royal families, and even fictional characters and civil rights movement leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr., who owned a Datejust. A Rolex is the horological equivalent of a Gucci, an Apple, or a Bulgari. 

  • Problem With Being A Status Symbol

But this immense popularity and association with luxury and status also bring certain problems to this Swiss watch brand. Of all the watch brands in the market, Rolex watches are counterfeited the most in terms of volume and frequency. In fact, counterfeit watches are so common that you can see one on any flea market or on the Internet. A counterfeit Rolex watch was also said to be worn by O.J. Simpson during his 1994 trial. Such prevalence in counterfeiting watches could be due to the demand from people who want to buy a Rolex watch but could not afford to get one from many of the brand’s authorized retailers. Nonetheless, seasoned collectors already know how to differentiate a fake timepiece from a real one, and this topic is covered by many articles and YouTube videos. But it is always best to get a Rolex watch from an authorized retailer by visiting the brand’s website before you jump into the bandwagon.

  • Quality and Style

Of course, you will often hear and see luxury watch manufacturers saying that they are committed to building high-quality, stylish wristwatches to gain clientele. However, know that not all watches are created equal. And some watches break after a few years or even months of use, even if you tried everything to take care of it. But this is not the case with Rolex. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons why the company has a distinguished reputation is due to the durability and functionality that many watch users had stood by for decades. As mentioned previously, the first watch to be worn on Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, was a Rolex. Mount Everest is known for its cold, harsh conditions that even take the lives of many mountain climbers. Knowing that a Rolex watch survived such inhospitable conditions is remarkable, not to mention the high altitude on top of Everest.

The company has made various innovations throughout the centuries since it was established in 1905. Some of these innovations include water-proof watches, self-winding watches, and watches that automatically change both the time and the date. But aside from quality, These watches are also very stylish, and there is a watch for every occasion. Many watches also have different versions that have different features down to the smallest detail. In addition, it is also easy to accessorize Rolex watches, usually by changing straps. This makes watches from the brand more versatile than watches from other brands. From sleek and sexy dress watches for both men and women to sporty chronographs and tool watches for the adventurous and practical, Rolex has a watch for every occasion and for every type of watch wearer. You only have to choose the watch that would best match your clothes, style, and personality.

An Investment That Will Last A Long Time

Because these watches are durable and have the highest quality of any watch, a Rolex watch is a great investment that you will have. Buying a Rolex watch is almost like buying a new house or car. And in fact, some Rolex watches are more expensive than houses or cars. This is the reason why buying a watch from the iconic brand is never a joke, and it is very important to know the watch that would best fit you so that you would not waste your money on a wrong purchase. Nonetheless, the value of these watches often goes up as time passes by, especially if they have been well taken care of and if they have been released for decades. Many of the most expensive watches ever sold in the market were vintage Rolex watches that were decades old. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in a difficult financial situation, you can sell whatever watch that you have with you, especially if it’s a classic one. Know that the cheapest watch from the brand is priced at thousands of dollars, so buying one would be a huge decision to make, and selling one is almost equivalent to winning the lottery. 


It’s never easy to buy or get a Rolex watch due to limited supplies and constantly high demand from watch collectors and lovers. It could even take years before you could be able to get a watch from authorized retailers. But many collectors are more than willing to wait for a Rolex watch because having one means having a piece of history. It means having a watch adored by royalty, leaders, celebrities, and trailblazers across the world. A Rolex watch is a status symbol, but it could also be an extension of the wearer’s personality. 

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