4 Critical Signs a Child Must Be Taken to the Dentist

child must be taken to the dentist
child must be taken to the dentist

Dental health is a critical part of their overall health and well-being. Dental care will include checkups every six months, and it is critical to make sure a child will have good oral health. This article discusses X indications that your child may need to see a dentist in Balwyn.

In Balwyn, Australia, over 60% of people aged five and over have visited a dental practitioner in the previous year. Almost half of adults aged 18 and over had regular dental checkups with the same dental practitioner. The rate of potentially preventable hospitalizations arising from dental conditions is low in major cities such as Ballwin.

Toothache and pain

If a child is suffering from tooth pain, it is critical to schedule a dentist appointment. Pain is the body’s indication of communicating something is wrong. The sooner a dentist is able to examine the child, the sooner the condition can be assessed and addressed if required.

If you have dental concerns between checkup appointments about your child’s teeth, it is critical to have your child examined at once by a dentist in Balwyn. There is no need for your child to be in further pain or discomfort due to tooth issues.

In Balwyn, Australia, over 50% of 6-year-olds have experienced decay in their baby teeth, and nearly half of twelve-year-old children have experienced decay in their permanent teeth.

When it comes to adults, 16% of adults with natural teeth suffered toothache in the previous 12 months, with over 20% reporting feeling uncomfortable about their teeth.

Brown spots or white spots on the teeth

If there appear to be chalky white spots on your child’s teeth, it may be a sign that cavities are developing. If it is turning brown or black and there is a presence of broken fragments, it is critical to have a dentist see it at once. Tooth decay can progress swiftly, so if there are any discolorations, it is crucial to schedule appointments as soon as possible so that a general dentist can examine and assess the child’s teeth.

Gum irritation

If a child complains about gums that are painful after brushing, or if gums are sore, red, swollen, or even bleeding, it is critical to have them examined by a dentist at once. Irritated gums are indicative of gingivitis or other health conditions.

Loose or wiggling teeth

As children grow and develop, baby teeth start falling out. Permanent teeth begin to erupt and come in. Losing baby teeth is a critical part of a child’s growth, and this process can occur from approximately six years to 12 years old. However, if permanent teeth are becoming loose or traumatized, it is critical to make an appointment with a child’s dentist to examine and assess the situation as soon as possible.


It is critical to have a dentist assess a child’s teeth. It will help if you lay down the foundation of good oral health in the early years to make sure that they will enjoy healthy teeth up to their adult years. It is crucial to schedule an appointment with a dentist Balwyn.

In Australia, there are approximately 56 dentists per 100,000 people. Over 90% of dentists are considered general dentists, and the remainder is specialists. Major cities such as Balwyn have the highest number of dentists per 100,000 population with 63 dentists. Aside from dentists, there are also dental hygienists and dental therapists who are there to help with Balwyn residents’ oral health care.

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