5 Considerations Before Moving Interstate in Australia

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Most Australians who emigrated did so to escape the country’s major cities, such as Mornington and Sydney. Commuting to and staying in the town is unnecessary if you can work from home.

Crossing state lines adds additional stress to be prepared to move your house. You are about to join the tens of thousands of Australians who relocate annually in search of better employment opportunities, warmer weather, or cheaper housing costs.

So, how does one execute an interstate move without going completely insane or balding? You must formulate a strategy. Creating a moving checklist at the outset is advised to remain organized and focused. Read more to Get Useful Information.

 Five most important things you should do in advance to ensure a successful interstate relocation:

1. Sort through your possessions and discard anything you no longer need.

If you’re unfamiliar with the KonMari method, it involves sorting your possessions into categories and discarding anything that doesn’t “spark joy.” Marie Kondo is capable of organizing anything.

In other words, if an item takes up unnecessary space in your home or makes you feel uneasy, get rid of it regardless of its sentimental value. The more things you dispose of in the days preceding the move, the easier it will be.

Consider the following three categories: items to keep, discard, sell, or donate online. Despite appearances, it can be overwhelming to process everything at once.

Start by selling or donating items to make your life easier. You can begin this process months in advance of your move. Because you will be able to see the results of your house decluttering efforts, you will remain motivated.

You can either arrange your possessions visually into stacks or mentally assign each item to its proper location. Stickers can also be used to indicate the final destination of a product.

2. Compare the price of moving your current possessions to the cost of purchasing new ones.

Leaving your floral 1970s sofa in the garage with your dog may be difficult, but buying a new couch may be less expensive once you arrive.

The same applies to large items that are not pets. For example, if you have a large dining table and six chairs, you may need to upgrade from a 4-tonne truck to a 6-tonne truck to transport everything.

Has it been replaced in your new state to save on shipping costs and weight? What type of truck do you need? Use a moving truck calculator based on the number of cubic feet of your home’s contents to obtain an accurate estimate.

3. Reserve your preferred moving company.

When moving across state lines, the security of your possessions is the last thing on your mind. Knowledge is potent because it can conserve time, effort, and resources. Here are a few fantastic tips to consider when choosing a Moving Company in Mornington:

– Reviewing is Required

Choose the best removalist in Mornington Peninsula and read the online testimonials that are your best bet when choosing a removal service. 

You will discover what others are saying about the company and their experiences with it, and it can tell you a great deal about the service quality you can expect.

– Examine their qualifications.

Be sure to enquire about the industry experience of prospective service providers. 

Avoid businesses that appear and vanish overnight. In Australia, Long Distance movers are unregulated so anyone can start a removals business.

There is, however, a dedicated group of specialists. Contact a member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA).

Regarding moving companies, cheaper is not always better. Choosing the least expensive option may put your belongings at risk during transport or after they reach their destination. It is not worth the risk when so many trustworthy alternatives are available.

– Plan and reserve the services of a moving company.

Four months’ notice should be given to moving companies. This is essential for numerous reasons, not the least of which is the high demand for reputable moving companies. On the day of your relocation, you must have your preferred Certified Moving Companies in Mornington Peninsula and a truck of the appropriate size available.

There are times when people must uproot their lives and relocate across the country. Look for movers with a large fleet to avoid paying exorbitant rates for a truck with a tremendous load capacity.

4. Services, merchandise, and guarantees

Verify with your current utility, insurance, and other service providers whether any of your services can be transferred to your new state. 

Moving to Mornington with Movee Removalists requires conversations with your internet service provider, electricity provider, phone company (if applicable), and others.

Your post-move to-do list should include updating registrations for your vehicle and any pets accompanying you.

Request that Australia Post temporarily holds your mail or automatically redirect it to your new address as soon as possible. Here you can learn more about the different post options for your relocation.

5. Pack your suitcases as quickly as possible.

It’s never too early to start storing your finer possessions and less-often-used necessities, even though you should wait to begin packing the day you learn you’re moving across state lines.

 Pack your furniture and other oversized items early as possible to avoid the stress of having to do it all at once when they arrive at their new location.

Utilize your time off before moving day, so you do not have to scramble the week before (including weekends).


Changing states may appear daunting, but we hope these tips will make the process easier. You only need a strong team on your side. You are capable of accomplishing your goal.


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