5 Korean Skin Care Tips for That Perfect Glow

Korean Skin Care Tips for That Perfect Glow
Korean Skin Care Tips for That Perfect Glow

We’ve all seen stunning, youthful, radiant Korean women aging beautifully, walking around with minimal makeup or no makeup at all, still looking absolutely gorgeous. You’ll see them dedicatedly carrying an umbrella in sweltering heat to avoid the sun’s harmful rays, and you’ll find that even the ladies in their forties look not a day older than twenty. How on Earth do they do it?

Well, Korean beauty standards are high, therefore, they have come up with their very own 10-step program together with their own skin care products that have been tried and tested for years. From natural ingredients, top-rated dermatology tools, all the way to simply being consistent – Korean women know how to tend to their pores. Here are a few skin care tips you can pick up from them and implement in your own routine.

Double cleansing for twice the glow

5 korean skin care tips for that perfect glow

Although exfoliation does exist in Korean skin care, it’s less used than you’d think. Korean ladies will typically exfoliate with a scrub only once or twice per week, depending on their skin type and potential sensitivities. What they do instead to cleanse thoroughly is apply a two-step cleaning routine. First, you cleanse your skin with an oil-based cleanser, which might not seem that appealing for Aussie ladies and our highly humid summers. 

However, this type of cleanser is gentle, but effective, and it can prep your skin for the second cleaning phase. Switch to a water or foam-based cleanser for a perfect, squeaky-clean look and feel and for setting the stage for other, moisturizing products that come next. Once or twice per week, exfoliate your skin thoroughly, but carefully, too. 

Tone and plump for added moisture

5 korean skin care tips for that perfect glow

Here in Australia, we spend so much time in the sun that it’s only natural to crave a little bit of skin hydration every now and then. Korean women have perfected their own moisturization steps. Korean brands sometimes label toners as lotions, so keep your eyes peeled for a product that will both plump and protect your complexion.

Next, to add another layer of moisture in order to protect your skin from premature ageing is to use an essence that will nourish your skin thoroughly. This particular layer is considered one of the most, pardon the pun, essential, in the Korean skin care routine. 

Serums and ampoules to boost rejuvenation

5 korean skin care tips for that perfect glow

In addition to an essence, Korean women have taught the world how to maximize rejuvenation and protection with the help of ampoules and serums. Both are very potent, sometimes used in conjunction and sometimes you can pick just one, depending on your own age, needs, and skin type. When you’re looking for products from Korean skin care in Australia, always take your time when choosing the right serums and ampoules.

For example, vitamin C ampoules contain a concentrated amount of this vitamin to brighten your skin, give it more firmness, and hydrate your pores properly. Other ingredients, such as vitamin B3, also known as niacin, can be extremely helpful, too. This high concentration is what makes these Korean products so useful for any Aussie looking to amp up their skin care routine with multipurpose, highly effective products. 

Take good care of your sensitive eye area

5 korean skin care tips for that perfect glow

Ask any Australian lady getting ready for the beach, and she’ll tell you that her shades aren’t just a fashion accessory – they serve to keep our eyes youthful for years on end. Korean gals know it too well, and they have no time for crows feet. To prevent the issue and delay the onset of wrinkles for as long as possible, they use dedicated eye creams to maintain the right level of moisture.

Pro tip: don’t skip the eye cream even during winter. Any harsh external factors, wind and snow included, can cause that fine skin around your eyes to be damaged. Korean skin care is based on continuous care, so be sure to tend to your eyes regularly with the right product. 

Never leave your home without SPF 

5 korean skin care tips for that perfect glow

Although Aussies are religious about sunscreen, so many people remember to apply it only during summer months and only when it’s sizzling outside. Korean skin experts will gladly remind you that sun protection should last year-round and that it doesn’t depend on the weather – even if it seems gloomy, some of the harmful rays might still damage your complexion.

Sunscreen is there for more than just avoiding or treating sunburn. It’s primarily about long-lasting prevention from malignant skin problems that could arise from years of neglect. Suddenly those umbrellas don’t seem so silly after all, do they? 


Korean skin care has been researched and appreciated across the globe and recognized as one of the most effective approaches for boosting your skin health and beauty. The listed tips and steps in Korean skin care can easily help you simplify your own routine and create an approach that will suit your skin like no other. 

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