5 Most Affordable Tissot Watches Under 1000 Dollars

most affordable tissot watches under dollars
most affordable tissot watches under dollars

Luxury watches are a great investment. Once you have purchased one, expect it to double or triple its price through time. Also, aside from it can be your investment, it can also serve as a precise and accurate timepiece for all your time-tracking needs. However, despite these benefits of purchasing a luxury watch, some people still settle for the typical watches with low value and inferior quality. One reason why they settle for those cheap watches is that they cannot afford to spend more than a thousand dollars just to purchase high-end watches.

If you are still hesitant, do not worry because there is a luxury watch brand that offers affordable timepieces—that is no other than the Swiss watch manufacturer, Tissot watches. This company of watches has been known for producing high-quality watches for men and women with a wide variety of styles in less than a thousand dollars! They have everything you look for in a timepiece from sports watches, to classic and stylish, and to smart ones. Just continue reading to get to know these affordable watches for you!

  • T-Sport T-Race Jorge Lorenzo 2017 Quartz Anthracite Dial Men’s Watch, $839.00

For the first stop, let us introduce to you a very high-end sports watch from Tissot watches you can only buy for $839.00! Yes, you read that right! In less than a thousand dollars, you can now purchase a luxury sports watch from a famous brand! This is a quartz type of watch that comprises stainless steel. It also has a sapphire crystal on its case. You do not have to worry about its durability because this watch has 100m water resistance—such a great buy for all your sports events!

  • T-Sport Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80 Automatic Green Dial Men’s Watch, $719.00

For the next stop, let us now introduce to you a classic timepiece from the brand at a much lower price, which is only $719.00! Will you believe that at such a very affordable price, this model is already automatic? It also has a power reserve for up to 80 hours and is water-resistant to almost 300m! This is also made up of stainless steel. You would not resist owning this very classic luxury timepiece that is affordable for the masses!

  • T-Sport Supersport Chrono Quartz Silver Dial Men’s Watch, $429.00

The next one has a vintage look since its strap material comprises brown leather. Those who want to look a little versatile will find this model very lovable. It is also water-resistant for about 100m, also stainless steel, and is silver. What are you waiting for? Purchase this Tissot watch now for only $429.00! You will own a luxury watch without draining the money out of your pockets!

  • T-Sport Chrono XL Tour de France Collection Men’s Watch, $349.00

The next one is also a luxury sports watch, but you will not believe its price! For just $349.00, you will now be able to own a sports watch from a luxurious brand! This is also water-resistant and made up of stainless steel! It is already a great deal for those who are looking for affordable but high-quality sports watches. Well, it is a bonus that it comes from a very reputable watch brand!

  • T-Lady Flamingo Quartz Mother Of Pearl Dial Ladies Watch, $339.00!

The last one that we will introduce to you will be loved by all women out there! You can purchase this as a gift for the woman of your life! For only $339.00, this watch is already perfect for any event since it is minimalistic in appearance. But aside from that, this is perfect to pair on women’s dresses! This is already water-resistant and made up of stainless steel! If you are looking for an affordable gift for your wife, mother, or daughter, this is already a great option for you!

In a Nutshell

It’s better to buy a luxury timepiece that will last through time instead of purchasing a cheap one that will only last for months or a year. It will save you from purchasing a timepiece over and over again. 

Instead of purchasing low-quality watches, it is better to look for affordable luxury watches. Aside from that, you can be assured with its quality, we cannot deny that owning one will also give you a more elegant look! If you do not want to spend so much money to own one, just look for a Tissot watch! They offer affordable luxury watches for less than a thousand dollars! You may purchase the models that we have listed here for you, or you may search for other affordable models from their brand! Rest assured that you can find a wide variety of options in their watch collections!


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