5 Practical Tips to Boost Your Self Confidence

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Oprah Winfrey, John Lennon, and Marilyn Monroe have one thing in common. They struggled with low self-esteem at some point in their lives. While not all of us can become celebrity talk show hosts or worldwide icons, the stories of these people are a testament that anyone can overcome low self-esteem.

Believing in yourself despite shortcomings will carry you through the good and bad times can increase your productivity at work. Besides, a self-confident person derives more happiness and fulfillment from life

If you are low on self-confidence, here are five amazing tips to improve your situation.

1.  Revise Your Self Image

A person’s self-image is how they perceive themselves in terms of their physical appearance, abilities, and personality. These perceptions are generally based on past experiences and future expectations.

If you were a straight “A” student who then landed a lucrative job, your image could be positively radiant. Another person who flunked out of school and has never landed meaningful employment may look down upon themselves.

Many times, it is how we look at ourselves that matters rather than how people look at us. Focus on improving your current situation rather than hating yourself.

2.  Get Enough Sleep

Not getting quality sleep every night dampens your emotions, which then paves the way for low confidence. Our brain is adept at problem-solving during sleep, and it even consolidates new skills that improve our delivery at work or school. Contemporary society frowns upon snoozing off, but tons of scientific research support getting eight to nine hours of sleep every night.

Being overweight can affect many people’s self-confidence. If you are in this situation, you will be glad to know that getting enough sleep could help you lose weight.

3.  Focus on Your Goals and Achievements

In a society that has high expectations of us, it is easy to beat yourself for the goals you have missed or “for not working hard enough.” Once in a while, it is important to be proud of our achievements. Perhaps you already hit that ideal weight you imagined post having a baby.

Maybe your business is thriving despite all economic hardships. Or maybe you are almost done with that advanced degree that will help you get a promotion.

Self-evaluation helps to create a perspective on how far you have come and where you are headed. Minimize the distractions of societal expectations of what you should have in this station of life.

These are social constructs aimed at draining your energy. The bottom line is to focus on your life rather than get caught up in frivolous comparisons with colleagues, family members, or strangers on social media.

4.  Practice Taking Risks

If you have been feeling stuck in a rut, chances are you have allowed fear to paralyze you into inaction. Decide upon what sort of risk to take and take the leap no matter the outcome. The courage to fail at something new could be all you needed to bolster your confidence for the next phase of life.

It could be switching careers to a line of work you have always admired, buying a new home, starting a business, or even letting go of a relationship. Take calculated risks now, and confidence will ensue.

5.  Develop an Exercise Regimen

Breaking a sweat on the race track, gymnasium, or yoga studio does a lot of good for your body, which improves your self-confidence. Apart from the obvious benefit of keeping your body in shape, exercising improves your mood by releasing endorphins, which make you happy.

Consider joining a local running club or hiring a personal trainer to keep you accountable to regular exercise.

Spending time outdoors also presents opportunities to meet new people who can enrich your life. For instance, networking with people in other industries, meeting new love interests, learning new hobbies, are positive things for self-confidence.

Self Confidence is Beautiful

Self-confidence is a wonderful thing to have as the challenges of life unfold before us. A combination of skill and confidence is the unconquered army that will see you push through hurdles and achieve beyond your wildest dreams. Start working on rebuilding your self-confidence today and remember to be kind to yourself.

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