Cotton and poly-cotton blends are currently the most popular fabrics for bed sheets, but that doesn’t mean they are automatically the best choice. Consider the following 5 reasons you might want to choose linen bed sheets instead of cotton sheets:

  1. Linen Has Better Antibacterial and Health-Promoting Properties

 According to research published in the journal Fibres and Textiles in Eastern Europe, linen has antibacterial properties. In particular, the researchers studied the biological activity of flax fibres on Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, which is a pathogenic bacteria that can cause serious infections. Their conclusion was that certain varieties of flax demonstrated an ability to reduce colonies of this bacteria.

Furthermore, linen bed sheets have been shown to have slightly more positive effects on hospital patients’ well-being than the standard cotton and poly-cotton bed sheets do. This was the conclusion of researchers at the Centre for Public Health Research in Värmland, Karlstad, Sweden who conducted a fascinating study on the matter. Despite the benefits, the researchers concluded that the relatively high cost of linen bedding made it prohibitively expensive for hospitals to use. However, knowing that linen does give you a slight advantage from a wellness perspective, you might opt to spend the extra money on this fibre when you purchase your own bed sheets – especially if you or a family member are ill or bedridden.

  1. Linen Bed Sheets Are Stronger and More Durable

 Flax fibre is stronger than cotton fibre because flax’s polymers lie nearly parallel to the axis of the fibre. Assuming you care properly for your linen bed sheets, they are likely to last you longer than comparable cotton bed sheets would.

  1. Linen Is a Better Temperature Regulator Than Cotton

If you’re looking to buy one set of bed sheets that will be comfortable to sleep on in any season, linen bed sheets are preferable to cotton sheets. Linen is better than cotton at wicking moisture away from the body, which can help to keep you feeling comfortably cool when the weather is hot. Linen is also a superior insulator as compared against cotton, which makes it a better choice of bedding material when the weather is cold.

  1. Linen Is More Sustainable

When it comes to fibre production, linen is clearly more sustainable than cotton. Linen cultivation uses less water and fewer harmful chemical inputs than cotton cultivation does. Furthermore, the flax plants that linen is derived from can be grown in poor soil. Overall, linen production consumes far fewer resources than cotton production does.

  1. Many People Perceive Linen Sheets to Be More Elegant

Style, elegance and sophistication are a matter of personal preference. Many people perceive linen to be a more stylish, elegant and sophisticated fabric than cotton. Linen bed sheets tend to have a stylish flair that can make a bedroom look luxurious. If you happen to agree that this fibre adds a chic touch to bed linens, that’s a fantastic reason to consider choosing linen bed sheets for your own room.

These are 5 of the most compelling reasons you might want to consider furnishing your bedroom with linen sheets instead of cotton ones. While linen sheets tend to be pricier, they also provide an outstanding value for the money you spend on them. They are hygienic, marvelously comfortable and fabulously tasteful. They make a sumptuous and worthwhile addition to any bedroom environment.

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