5 Useful Garden Décor Ideas to Consider Today

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With the variety of garden tools and gadgets on the market, many people can’t really tell what the essentials are anymore. And then there are the decorations, which are also considered garden basics. Is it possible to have both the aesthetic beauty brought by the décor and the practicality that comes with solid garden tools?

Whether you’re an indoor or outdoor grower, these five valuable décor ideas will surely make your day-to-day gardening more fun – not to mention more stylish.

DIY Garden Décor Ideas

Since we’re talking about gardens, let’s start with something eco-friendly. You can pretty much turn anything into useful and stylish garden accessories. You can create reclaimed wood planter boxes for your delicate plants or reclam a wooden swing as a great feature. Don’t throw away your plastic milk containers, either. You can collect them, cut off the tops, paint them with your garden’s theme colors and fill them with soil and use them as pots. There are many things that you use daily that can be creatively turned into garden decorations. Just use a bit of imagination.

Garden Lighting

Let’s say you’ve been wanting to remodel your home and garden. That’s why you’re looking for bits and pieces of things to hang indoors and outdoors. One great accessory to focus on is the lighting. Pick lighting fixtures that can enhance your outdoor appearance – meaning not too flashy but not too dull. How about hanging some outdoor lanterns if you have huge trees outside? Aside from lanterns, you can also use streetlight-style lamps to accentuate your patio or walkway.

Garden Bird Nets

Outdoor gardens are prone to plenty of insects and small animals. While we appreciate the ecological balance that these animals bring, it’s also important to control them. Otherwise, you might end up spending on new seedlings or plants all the time, just because you didn’t set up any bird control device. The great thing about garden bird nets (although birds do get caught in them and die at times, so do keep an eye out) is that they’re lightweight, sturdy, and don’t affect the overall appearance of your garden. The good thing is that these products come in a variety of designs. They are also the most humanely effective way to prevent the birds from nesting in your garden.

Shepherd’s Hook

This lovely tool – which is basically a length of iron with a hook shape at the end – adds that extra flair in your garden. You hammer them into the ground and hang pot plants or ornaments on them to add some colour beside your walkway or patio. Moreover, you can adjust them to your preferred height level. You don’t need to have a huge garden to use them, either.

Garden Bench

Another awesome addition to your garden and home renovation decor ideas is a multipurpose garden bench. Use it as you take a break from kneeling or squatting while weeding. If you’re not sitting on it, you can simply display it in your garden and add aesthetic value.

Imagine how much these décor ideas can enhance your garden? With some research, you can come up with a whole new look for your garden just by using a few of these décor ideas here and there. Have fun transforming your outdoor sanctuary!

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