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6 Points to Consider When Purchasing Printer Copier Scanner


Are you thinking about purchasing all in one Printer copier scanner?

With thousands of makes and models of printers available in the market, it becomes a challenging task to choose the best printer copier scanners. But, you don’t need to worry, as we are providing you with this buying guide that will help you choose the best machine that can print and make copies, as well help you in scanning documents.

Following are the Major Factors that need to be Considered:

Your Budget

Purchasing anything within your budget is the best to complete your work with less difficulty. . The cost of printers can vary depending upon brands and their functionality. But, no matter what, it is always advisable to stay in your budget, when you are purchasing this all in one Printer-copier-scanner machine. Thus, before you purchase the machine, make sure to do some research online to get a better understanding of the price of the printer so that you can plan your budget accordingly.


With the change in technological advancement, your printer can be easily connected to your digital devices like your laptop, PC, and mobile phones. But, this all in one machine comes up in different connectivity modes like wireless connection and printers that can be connected through wire. If you want to find a convenient method of printing, it is always advisable to purchase a wireless printer so that you can make prints even through a remote location.


No printer copier scanner can work without inks. But, when it comes to ink, different types are available. Three common types of ink include:

  • Two ink cartridge: this will include black ink and all in one ink.

  • Four ink cartridge: This will include cartridge with black ink and another cartridge that will consist of cyan, yellow, and magenta color

  • Inkwells: under this model, instead of cartridges, the printer machine draws ink from large refillable wells.

If you want an economical option, it is best to purchase an inkwell.

Paper format

Not all printers are able to accept legal-sized papers. Similarly, many scanners are also not able to scan many different legal documents. Thus, it is important to choose an all-in-one printer copier scanner that can work with all paper formats. Depending upon the requirements; the kind of scanning to be carried out including the sizes of the papers that are to be printed should be kept in mind.


Sometimes, your printer may print and scan at a snail’s pace, and it can be quite frustrating. Thus, it is important to look for printer copier scanners that can work and have a better PPM rating. PPM rating means, pages per minute. You can find different variations across all printers as far as PP rating is concerned. But it is important to choose printers with higher PPM. You must always look for printers with almost 25 PPM.

Quality of printing, copying, and scanning

You may get a printer copier scanner at a low cost, but it may give you poor print quality. Thus, always look for printers that offer the best print quality. The print quality is measured in DPI, which means Dot per inch. Thus, look for printers with at least, 4800*4800 DPI.


Most all-in-one printers may cost more, but it also has greater benefits as you don’t have to spend any additional amount on scanning and copying documents. Thus, if you are a business organization or a company, it’s important to choose the all in one printer copier scanner. Keep all the above mentioned points in mind before you purchase the best machine.

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