8 Pest Control Myths That You Need to Know


Home pests are an age-old problem, yet pest control myths and misconceptions still abound. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that not everything you hear is true (even if you have heard it a thousand times!).

Today, we are going to debunk 8 most widespread pest control myths and help you discover the truth to protect yourself and your house from the unwanted guests.

Common Pest Control Myths Dispelled

Myth #1: Cheese attracts mice.

Cartoons are definitely to blame for this pest control myth. Cheese has been believed for a long time to be the favourite treat of any mouse, and, as a result, it is commonly used in traps in a hope to lure them.

Truth: In reality, mice are much more attracted by sugary foods, such as grapes, processed peanut butter, and sugar cubes.

Myth #2: Bed bugs live in dirty beds.

Many people believe that bed bugs only can be found in dirty beds. This myth stems from the fact that it is much harder to identify bed bugs if the area is dirty, leading to a larger bed bug infestation over time.

Truth: Bed bugs are attracted to any place where blood is available, – it does not matter at all whether your bed is clean or not.

Myth #3: Club soda kills fire ants.

Rumours state that carbon dioxide in carbonated water will cause fire ants to suffocate and die. Wouldn’t it be amazing if killing ants would be as easy as pouring some club soda on their mound? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Truth:  Club soda, vinegar, or boiling water won’t kill fire ants. Instead, hiring a professional pest control company, who can use a proper insecticide, is the single most effective way to get rid of fire ants in your home or garden.

Myth #4: Having a cat will solve your rat and mice problem.

Everybody who owns a cat knows that this pest control myth is very far from the truth. These furry friends tend to do the opposite of what you want them to do. Hoping that your cat will catch all the rodents around your property is like expecting a dog to not eat food you’ve accidentally dropped on the floor.

Truth: Cats are not a reliable form of pest control. They mostly catch mice when they are feeling playful, and most mice hide in areas that would be hard to reach for a cat.

Myth #5: If you don’t see any pests, they aren’t there.

Pests are amazing at hiding, sometimes going unnoticed for months even in clean homes. While not seeing any pests is a better sign than seeing them, some pests, such as carpenter ants and termites, can cause significant damage to your home’s structure before it becomes obvious.

Truth: Successful pest prevention should go beyond just “keeping an eye out.” The best option to make sure your home remains free of pests is to invest in regular inspections by a pest control professional.

Myth #6: Fleas die without a host.

While this pest control myth has a basis in truth, it isn’t completely accurate.

One of the first signs of flea infestation is finding bites on your own body. If you do, make sure that your pets, bed sheets, and any other fabrics that your pets have touched have been cleaned.

Truth: Even after the cleaning, adult fleas continue to survive without a host for up to 4 days. To make sure you get rid of these pests completely, it is important to hire a professional pest control company.

Myth #7: One treatment is enough to solve a pest problem.

Many people believe that using insecticides one time is enough to deal with pet infestation once and for all. However, in reality, you would require at least two or three professional treatments before pests are completely gone. Even then, it is important to take additional steps to prevent the specific type of pest from entering your home again.

Truth: Pest problems require repeated professional treatments, as well as ongoing maintenance and prevention.

Myth #8: You can get rid of pests with DIY pest control methods.

Although DIY pest control methods can be somewhat effective for small pest problems, it is impossible to determine for yourself how extensive the infestation is.

Truth: DIY pest control methods are often unreliable. Hiring a professional pest control company is the only way to ensure that you completely get rid of your pest problem.

The Biggest Pest Control Myth of All

The biggest pest control myth that unites all the misconceptions and misinformation is that you can always deal with pest infestations yourself by using mouse traps, DIY pesticides, keeping your house clean, or getting a cat. The truth is that the only reliable method out there is hiring a trusted and experienced pest control company that has all the necessary professional tools and equipment. We also provide Professional Pest Control Campbelltown services.

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