8 Types Of Subdivision You Can Apply For As A Property Owner

property subdivision
property subdivision

You have a property that you want to develop into real estate. Your plan is to build homes and sell them to an individual. For you to achieve your goal, you need to subdivide it into lots for each person to get their puzzle.

Having your land subdivided will enable you to get titles for each section buyer. However, there is a legal process involved. To start dividing your land, you need subdivision certification from the local authority.

The certification process assesses whether your property meets the right condition for subdivision. One of the aspects considered in certification is the type of subdivision you want to perform on your property. But what are the available types of subdivisions allowed in the law? Here they are:

Residential and settlement subdivision

Probably, you have a piece of land in a given area that you want to convert into a residential area. You are seeking to establish new settlements. If so, you need to apply for a subdivision certificate under the residential and settlement category. The authority will assess the impact and effect of this subdivision on many aspects before offering you a certificate.

For instance, it will check the potential impacts on the environment, landforms, water, and hazards associated with the move. If the action will affect biodiversity such as affect the fauna and endangered species, your request will not go through.  

Notably, this type of subdivision has a high impact as it is a first time thing. So, it will receive extensive assessment before issuance of compliance certificate.

Infil development

Maybe you had a residential place that you want to subdivide. Or else, you have a space that you used for your commercial purpose. Now that you change your business model, you want to subdivide it.

When this is the case, you will need an infil development subdivision certificate. This certification means that you are filling spaces or subdividing spaces already in use. Since there was a previous subdivision, your action will have minimal effects. So, the application process may not be rigid and time-consuming.

Rural area subdivision

Do you want to subdivide high-intensity land or lifestyle blocks? The rural subdivision is the perfect option. This category involves lands in rural areas. The option comes when you either want to subdivide your land and sell it as lots or offering the lots to your children with each having a separate title.

While you have the luxury of using your land in any way, you must be mindful of your neighbors. There are rules on what you can and cannot do with your land. For instance, there are some types of fences and greenery you cannot put on the land. Also, the rules limit you on the minimum acreage you can subdivide.  

Unit titles subdivision

When you buy an apartment, you enter into a multi-ownership of a property. You and your fellow buyers have private ownership of your units. Also, you have common ownership of the essential spaces in the property such as the driveways and lifts. The law allows unit owners to get a title.

In this case, the developers establishing this property need to establish management that indicates the use and development of spaces that the unit owners have common ownership. The local council assesses whether a building complies with the legal requirement before issuing the unit titles subdivision.   

Sensitive location subdivisions

This type of subdivision involves sensitive areas. A subdivision in this area will have a significant effect on the environment and natural resources. Some of the areas under this category are coastal areas, wildlife reserves, lands with special characters and amenities, and other significant natural areas.

Due to the harsh impact, the approval of a subdivision in these areas can be a challenge. In most cases, only significant and essential developments such as public utility establishments can get approval under this category.   

Specialized subdivisions

As the property owner, you might have a reserved space on your land. Or else, your clients’ lease tenure ended or want to change your allotment. This type of subdivision falls under the specialized category. The change of tenure or allotment has little impact on the environment. The land was already in use and nothing much is changing.

However, to effect the intended change on the property, you need to get a certification from the local council.   

Cross lease subdivision

Probably, you have heard about cross lease property. This term refers to a situation where multiple individuals own an undivided land share, which they lease from other owners for a term of 999 years. The leasing owners develop property in the leased land.

Buying a property from this type of land offer you a chance to expand or establish an extension without the interference of your neighbors. Also, the property in this type of land is cheaper than in other areas. The bad side is that modern developers no longer use this system of land ownership. However, you can change the property from the cross lease into freehold by subdividing it.

The cross lease subdivision involves cases where you want to expand or alter structures in the leased property. The council needs to assess that the buildings comply with the necessary laws before getting a certificate for cross lease subdivision exercise.   

Boundary adjustments

When you purchase land, you need to reconfigure its boundaries. This action will help you determine whether the property meets the requirements and intended uses. For you to adjust the allotment boundaries, you require certification from the local council. Since it is a minor task, it does not have adverse effects on the environment. So, the approval process will be easy and quick.

Wrapping up

 In a word, subdividing land or property can be a tough affair. Without the right information on the type of subdivision you need to comply with, the process can be tough. The rejection of your request can kill the joy that you had when acquiring the property. As such, the above information is important in case you are planning to subdivide your property.

Now you know what certification category fits your land.

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