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8 Ways to Declutter and Detox Your Living Space


The office is hectic, the kids are making a mess, the chores are numerous, and the day isn’t even over. Such is the reality of our modern, fast-paced world, so it only makes sense for us to create a safe haven where we can rest, unwind, and recharge. After all, is there anything that can help you shed the stress of everyday life, like a peaceful bathroom oasis, or a comfy reading nook in a beautiful, decluttered living room?

The truth is that your living environment can have a profound impact on your physical, emotional, and psychological well-being, so let’s take a look at eight effective ways how you can create and maintain a thriving household.

Begin by introducing positive habits

Unsurprisingly, the first change has more to do with your daily habits that with your surroundings. If you’re in the habit of dragging yourself out of bed and running late everywhere, no wonder it seems as if there was nothing that can help you banish the stress from your life.

The first productive thing you can do in the morning is to make your bed. Next, be sure to tend to all one-minute tasks right away, such as sorting the laundry or making yourself a cup of refreshing java. While the toast is getting ready, you can go through your daily schedule and prepare yourself for a productive day ahead.

Declutter one room at a time

And now for the concrete changes, you can make in your living environment. It’s always a sound idea to start by decluttering your home, as physical clutter not only tends to accumulate rather quickly, but it can also become a psychological burden very fast. Don’t try to do it all in one go, but rather declutter one room at a time. Simply make a schedule, and declutter once a month.

Cleanse the air around you

The next big change you can make, the one that will have a profound impact on your physical as well as mental health, is improving the air quality in your home. Start by introducing air-purifying plants in every room, and be sure to complement them with the best air purifier for allergies in order to remove all hazardous particles from the air. Remember that plants can do only so much to cleanse the air in a home, and it will be up to the air purifier to safeguard your living environment from toxins, mold, and bacteria.

Let natural light permeate the household

Natural light is extremely important for your long-term health, and although you shouldn’t exactly expose yourself to direct sunlight too much, you should definitely let as much natural light permeate your household as possible. In doing so you will effortlessly elevate the mood in every room and maintain day-long zeal and productivity, so all the more reason to keep the blinds open!

Tend to regular cleaning

Keeping the place spotless is not only a prerequisite for an aesthetic interior – it’s also a crucial component of your long-term health. The benefits of a clean household needn’t be emphasized, but what deserves a separate mention is the type of cleaning products you use. Instead of using toxic proprietary products, stick to natural, homemade cleaning blends that will help you preserve a healthy household while keeping it pristine at the same time.

Make the kitchen your oasis of health

Healthy eating is the foundation of a happy, energetic lifestyle. Filling your fridge and pantry with wholesome, nutritious foods should rank high on your priorities list, as it will allow you to detoxify your system regularly and instil positive eating habits in your family members. Keep in mind that your kids will learn a great deal from you, so make sure you set a positive example for them early on.

Have a safe space in your home

Every family member deserves to have a safe space in their home that is just their own. This can be your home office, your bedroom, or the bathroom; it doesn’t matter so long as it helps you relax, unwind, and shed the stress of the outside world. A great idea would be to decorate your bathroom with greenery, scented candles, and rejuvenating bath salts to make a bubbly meditation session a reality.

Switch off, tune out

You’ve heard this one a million times before, but you should really turn off your phone once in a while. In fact, it would be a wise, health-conscious idea to switch off your smartphone and other entertainment gadgets at least an hour before bedtime. It will mean a world of difference for the quality of your sleep, and your mental health in general. Give it a try – you won’t regret it.

In the hectic modern world, your home is your sanctuary from the chaos of everyday life. Don’t let it become just a place where you eat and sleep, but rather introduce these changes in order to create a vibrant living space imbued with lifelong health and happiness.


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