9 Impressive Home Improvement Ideas To Consider This 2019 And Beyond


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Are you looking forward to giving your home a makeover this year? Then start as early as now! Home improvement projects take time and money – not to mention effort and a lot of planning. Luckily, we’ve gathered nine of the most in-demand home improvement ideas to help you plan the best projects this year and beyond.

Cabinet Upgrades

When you find your cabinets old and boring, then maybe it’s time to revamp their look. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about kitchen cabinets or those in your bathroom.  With lots of options, styles, and designs to choose from, you can recreate your dream kitchen or bathroom vision in no time.

If you’re into DIY, you can always clean then paint your cabinet doors only if they are still able to do their job. Otherwise, you have the option to change your cabinet doors or your whole cabinets altogether. You can even customise your new cabinets and replace ones with high-grade cabinetry if you have the budget to do so.

Engineered Wood Flooring

It is true that some flooring solutions are both beautiful, cheap and long-lasting. However, sustainability is an even bigger subject with a large number of consumers willing to pay a premium for eco-friendly products. This is the very reason why the market for engineered wood continuous to thrive and gain in popularity.

Engineered wood floorings are an eco-friendly solution that is also long-lasting when maintained the right way. Choose from a wide variety of options, letting you enjoy stunning flooring minus the heavy costs.  

Smart Lighting Solutions

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Thanks to smart innovations, we can enjoy lighting solutions unlike any other. We no longer need to focus on LED and Fluorescent lights as these already dominated the market for years. This year, it’s time to integrate smart lighting into your home that is not only energy-efficient, long-last and cost-effective but offers many health benefits as well.

Nowadays, you can enjoy circadian rhythm lighting. You get to access to natural lighting thanks to smart home automation. Throughout the day, your light can mimic natural lighting. This, in turn, helps regulate biological processes on time such as sleep behaviours and such. Imagine feeling the need to sleep thanks to smart lighting that create a nighttime environment that promotes sleep and rest. You then get to wake up natural feeling fresh and energised thanks to a conducive sleeping environment.

High-Tech Monitoring Systems

You and your family’s safety should always be a priority, which is why high-tech home surveillance is now a must-have in every home. Thanks to advanced technology, you can now customise the systems based on your surveillance needs, You get quality video surveillance and night vision features that help capture crisp details and clear videos and images even at a long range.

You can now enjoy real-time movement and have a better grip on what happens when in and outside of your home. With the added ability to withstand weather and environmental elements, you get a high-quality, reliable and durable system to give you peace of mind even while you’re sleeping or out of town.

Increase Visual Footage

Do you have limited space for your kitchen, living room or other parts of your home? You can always increase your visual footage, but not in the ways you’re likely thinking of right now. No, you don’t necessarily need to bring down your walls to create an open floor plan. A little trick and you can make your home look more significant than it is.

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Replace old chunky furniture with light ones. Go for pieces of furniture that have space underneath and choose them in lighter colours. Open up your windows and strategically place mirrors to give your room a broader look and feel.

Outdoor Living Space

Two Brown Wooden Outdoor ChairsNowadays, outdoor living space is an extremely popular and in demand feature in real estate. If you’re looking for an excellent outdoor addition to your home that is both useful, appealing plus adds home value, consider adding a deck, patio, veranda or pergola. If you love contemporary designs, go for pergolas Melbourne, and you’ll instantly have an extended living space. Just add in a little bit of furniture, and you now have a space to relax and entertain guests.

If you love cooking, then consider an outdoor kitchen. Here you can try some recipes and enjoy the outdoors at the same time. Love having family and friends over? Why not add in a sleek firepit to keep you warm during cold nights. All adds curb appeal without breaking the bank, plus adds value to your already beautiful home.

Professional Landscaping

One cannot stress how much landscaping can add curb appeal, style and value to one’s home. With your landscape being one of the first things you’d see on your home, it only makes sense to start improving it from the outside, then inside. However, DIY-ing won’t do the trick, especially if you have no clue on what to do what tools to use.

A professional landscaper can help you create a magnificent landscape that is beautiful and appealing. With the right knowledge, professional tools, years of experience and the keen eye for the latest trends, you can be sure of a job well done for every project that needs fixing. Find a certified professional with excellent reviews, licenses, and permits to get your money’s worth.

Versatile Furniture

Gone are those days when a piece of furniture can only have a single function. Now, innovators created different furniture that transforms into another piece to help cater to your needs. From sofas that turn to bed to a simple coffee table that doubles as storage, such furniture can help create brand new look plus the added functionality.

A simplified home interior doesn’t have to be dull and boring. By bringing in multi-purpose furniture, you can enjoy the extra features minus the added space occupancy. No complicated instructions needed. With little pull and push here and there or a push of a button, it can help transform ordinary furniture into extraordinary ones.

Statement Ceilings

Unlit Pendant Lamps

Last but not least are statement ceilings. That’s right – your ceilings deserve some TLC too, and this year is the perfect year to start. Whether your style is more of sleek, modern and contemporary or retro and ornate, you can find ceiling solutions to make your statement ceiling a reality.

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A ceiling reimagined offers a whole new look and perspective – giving your visitors a pleasant surprise. Since ceilings are hard to miss, you get to entice visual impact by providing your family and friends with a beautiful conversation starter and a memorable asset you’d be proud of.

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