A Basic Guide About Volkswagen Service

volkswagen service bayswater
volkswagen service bayswater

Volkswagen is a brand that is considered to be incorporated with precision engineering, advanced technologies, and futuristic car design. Although it is built to last, it would be best to upkeep your car with a certain amount of Volkswagen service. Every machinery requires periodic servicing, so does your Volkswagen car. To continue with your car’s optimum operations, it is essential to get it serviced from a reputed and safe service center at regular time intervals.


How Frequently Should You Get Your Volkswagen Serviced?


Every car manufacturer specifies about servicing the vehicle after it has been driven for a certain number of miles, the same is valid for Volkswagen. Ideally, you should get your Volkswagen car serviced once a year. Alternatively, you can also decide to get it serviced once it completes a 15000kms trip. The odometer of your car will schedule periodic servicing by itself. Your dashboard will light up when it thinks it’s time for Volkswagen service.


The Volkswagen servicing centers conduct a thorough inspection of various parts of your car every time you decide to go in for its serviceVolkswagen is known for its exhaustive service and maintenance programs. Give your car the best-in-class service by opting for regular maintenance.


a basic guide about volkswagen service

Which Parts Of Your Volkswagen Car Are Inspected In Service?


Multi-Point Inspection


The service center will ideally perform multi-point inspection, including electrical parts, mechanical equipment, consumables, power train, suspension, brakes, wiper blades, gaskets, and tires. It will conduct a detailed check on these parts of your Volkswagen and present a report on the wear and tear.


Oil Change


Volkswagen considers it fundamentally an essential routine service.  The use of 100 % high-grade synthetic oil is recommended to ensure the longevity of your engine. Timely oil change also ensures a smoother driving experience and better mileage. Only an authorized Volkswagen service center will provide you with authentic oil.




The pads and brake discs are more prone to wear and tear. Driving on rough roads, extreme conditions, uneven lands, and prolonged driving can impose an additional burden on the braking components. They need to be frequently repaired and maintained otherwise pads and discs will wear off resulting in brake fade.


Tire Check


Tires are in constant touch with the road surface. The wear and tear nature of rubber calls for a thorough inspection of tread wear pattern, tread-depth, and tire sidewall condition. Volkswagen service offers all the above, including wheel alignment check or tire replacement to ensure your vehicle’s safety.


Battery Check


Battery check ensures electronic safety, optimum functioning of your car, and a lesser chance of breakdowns. Only a genuine battery can handle the electronic demands of your Volkswagen. A regular Volkswagen service routine ensures checks at every stage in the battery’s life and recommends change as and when required.


a basic guide about volkswagen service


Wiper Check


Wiper blades are ergonomically designed for superior wiping quality and performance. At every VW service, the wipers are changed to enhance the performance and wear resistance.


Pollen Filter


Pollen filters regulate the air quality of the inside of your car. Whenever your VW starts emitting bad odors and leads to an unclean interior, it implies your pollen filter’s servicing.




In the end, we can conclude that choosing an authorized Volkswagen service center will ensure that you get the best services at the best rate. Authorized service centers will provide original VW equipment at a competitive price. They are the experts in VW servicing and use 100% genuine products to improve the quality of your car. You can completely count on the Volkswagen service to enhance the safety measures of your car.

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