A behind-the-scenes look

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GIF showing different preservation and conversation processes

Conservation behind the scenes

Back by popular demand, part 2 of our blog series on the Conservation Care team reveals more about their work to ensure the preservation of the State Collection.

Delve deeper into the different conservation processes, techniques and tools we use here at the Library to help maintain our extensive collections.

From marvellous maps to pesky pests and beyond, this blog post is your chance to see what the team gets up to. 

World of the Book

Mastering the art of shadowgraphy


The World of the Book exhibition is entering a new chapter, with new, exciting items on display. Get a sneak peek of the rare, iconic and sacred pieces in our collection, with this behind-the-scenes video on shadowgraphy.

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What’s on

Coming soon at the Library

Margot Morales

Experimental: Margot Morales

17 May

Join Margot Morales for an evening of eclectic and experimental cabaret exploring the art of running late.

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Image of a corkhorse walking out of the Elephant Elevator

Design Week: Hyperrealia

From 19 May

Immerse yourself in an augmented reality experience, bringing to life unique items from our collections.

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Young boy giving man a newspaper on street corner

Welfare Records for Family History Webinar

25 May

Learn how to find lost connections in this online workshop on navigating welfare records.

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Plan ahead before you visit

The Library is open daily from 10am to 6pm. Visit our website for more information on how to make the most of your visit. 

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