A complete guide to different types of luggage bags


As if finding the right luggage bag was easy, airlines have made it even more difficult by paid checked bags. On one side, the rule allows you to carry extra luggage by paying extra for it, it also puts more stringent limits to what you can carry otherwise. For that reason, people are way more cautious while buying samsonite luggage bags at Sydney Luggage for their next trip.

Selecting the most suitable baggage involves several aspects. You need to figure out whether you need a large cavity to put in everything or multiple small pockets. How long your trip is going to be and what type of items you need to carry.

You should meticulously weigh the size, design, maneuverability, weight, security, and durability of your luggage bag before investing in it. While all these considerations can seem daunting, a little knowledge of different types of luggage gabs can make things much easier for you. Here we delineate some commonly picked types of bags and discuss their applicability to help you pick the best one for your trips.

  • Suitcase with wheels

Wheeled suitcases are stapled choices whether you want them for luggage or carry-on baggage. These suitcases have a boxy nature and rigid shape. This prevents your belongings from crushing and keeps your clothes from getting wrinkled during transit.

Ease to carry and move around makes it a preferred choice for both vacationers and business travellers. The only downside is that these are heavier than other baggage and can ve tricky to handle on stairs and uneven grounds.

  • Backpacks

Whether you are going for a weekend trip or exploring a new avenue in Aisa, Africa, or other regions, backpacks can be your best pals. It is often much easier to put them on your back instead of carrying bags in hand or dragging a suitcase. These are incredibly convenient as carry-on luggage as you can easier navigate the narrow aisle on the aircraft.

Some may find them tiring for your back and shoulder. However, backpacks with broad straps and waist belts provide sufficient support to avoid hurting you while carrying them.

  • Weekend bags

If you are planning a short business trip, a weekend vacation, or a family visit, these lightweight bags are ideal for you. You can find them in various sizes, but these are mostly preferred in small sizes for shorter travel ventures. You often carry them in arms or on shoulders. These are highly affordable and owing to their sizes they are mostly permitted by all airlines.

  • Duffle bags with wheels

Wheeled duffle bags are super-light in weight and highly convenient due to wheels. While you can find them in smaller sizes for carry-on luggage, they are often bigger. Wheeled duffle bags are the best mix when it comes to convenience and weight.

However, these bags lack firm structure, essentially at the top. For that reason, you cannot trust them with vulnerable items such as glass and other fragile goods.

  • Backpack with wheels

These bags tend to have the most polarized options. People either swear by them or do not like them at all. These are affordable, easy to move, and often have several pockets that help you organize your stuff well.

However, the frame structure makes the bag inconvenient to carry on the back and reduces the internal space a little. Wheeled backpacks are great if you have multiple items and need organization and mobility.

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