A Difficult Year? Here’s an Easy Way to Cheer Yourself Up

Toorak canvas prints
Toorak canvas prints

“When will things get back to normal?” If this is a question you’ve been asking yourself lately, you’re not alone. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the world’s gone south a bit in the last couple of years – but although there’s only so much we can do to change the state of the world, we can still focus on keeping a positive attitude in our own lives. Remembering the good times and celebrating the precious moments is one way of doing that.

Capture Life’s Best Moments

There’s one perfect tool for staying positive that most of us carry about with us every day – the smartphone in our pocket. Because taking photos of beautiful landscapes, photogenic food, or cute pets can have a powerful effect on our mood. Collecting the best little moments of life really does have the power to give you an emotional lift.

And there’s an even better way to celebrate beautiful moments. Why not print the most meaningful photos you’ve taken over the last few years and create a personalised wall art display? Digital photos reproduced as posters or canvas prints will make great wall art, suitable for any home and design scheme.

It’s been scientifically proven that recalling happy memories is helpful in coping with stress. Which means that looking at heart-warming photo prints can do more than just give you a passing feeling of happiness – in fact, it can contribute to building longer-term resilience in the face of everyday troubles.

a difficult year? here’s an easy way to cheer yourself up


Which Print Format to Choose?

These days there’s loads of different ways to get your pictures printed. While not so long ago the choice was pretty much limited to photo paper, now you’ve got a whole range of quirky formats to choose from. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Canvas Prints

If you love timeless aesthetics but find traditional framed photos a bit too conventional, try canvas prints. They see your image reproduced on a sheet of canvas fabric, and the canvas is then wrapped over an inner frame, giving the print an impressive physical presence and sturdiness.

A canvas print will turn your digital photo into a real work of art – indeed the visual design of contemporary canvas prints can be traced back to classic canvas paintings. A canvas photo reproduction retains the high resolution and vibrant colours of a digital image, but thanks to its slightly textured surface it acquires the same soft pastel glow common in paintings. If you’re looking to add some arty touches to your home, canvas prints should be your first choice for wall art.

Metal Prints

In contrast to romantic, vintage-inspired canvas prints, metal prints will make your photos look boldly modern. These are slim and elegant prints that bring out every pixel of detail in your digital image.

We particularly like the MYPICTURE.com.au approach – metal prints on a composite panel consisting of a black polyethylene core enclosed between two slimline aluminium sheets. Choose MYPICTURE for your metal prints and your photos will be printed on premium photo paper, then laminated onto the metal composite. The look is completed with a shimmering gloss finish that will make any MYPICTURE metal print a genuine showstopper.

Photos on Acrylic

Another amazing print format that will turn your photo into a premium-quality wall art feature is a photo on acrylic. Acrylic glass – also known as Plexiglas – enhances every detail of the image, giving it a striking depth effect and appealing contrasts. Just like canvas and metal prints, photos on acrylic come in a borderless design that makes the print itself the centre of attention.

Look for Inspiration Everywhere

You know what makes the best photo? Spontaneity. That’s why professional photographers usually take hundreds of images one after another, to be able to find that one magical shot that has it all – character, style, and candour.

You don’t need to hire a pro and spend a day on a shoot to get print-worthy pictures (though of course it doesn’t hurt to have a quality camera and some knowledge of photography techniques…) If you want some amazing wall art prints that you’ll never get tired of looking at, just follow your instincts and capture some moments taken from real-life experiences.

Feature Pic – Source: MYPICTURE

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