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A Lesser-Known Gem Of Mclaren Vale – Maxwell Wines


McLaren Vale, the birthplace of South Australian wine industry, is not only known in the home country but worldwide as a premium wine producing region. Here, some of the country’s oldest grape wines (Including those that are over 100 years old) are planted. The wines produced here are highly-prized and are identified for intense flavours and aromas. With a variety of grapes grown here, the region also owes its reputation to the styles of wines produced which include from traditional to surprising and unique ones. Bringing forth the flavours of McLaren Vale, Maxwell Wines is a hidden gem located in this beautiful region. Not only does the company enjoys this rich terroir but also has won various awards for its wine portfolio. Read on to know more.

McLaren Vale


The establishment of Maxwell Wines dates back to the year 1979. Owned and operated by the Maxwell family, it was founded by Ken Maxwell who began this journey in 1971 by establishing Daringa (small shed winery). Later, his son and current owner Mark Maxwell ventured into viticulture against his father’s will who was of the opinion that the winemaking is cost effective than growing grapes. Contrary to this belief, the viticulture flourished along with winemaking. In the past 20 years, Mark claims that the company’s vineyard holdings have been increased to almost 100 acres. These fields are home to low cropping vines. The fruit obtained is intense and concentrated, used by the company to produce premium wines under their estate range. The family has not just established its name in the grape wine industry but also Maxwells have pioneered Australia’s mead industry.


Down Under, making wines from honey instead of grapes was first introduced by Ken Maxwell in 1961. The craft of mead-making originated in Northern China in 7000 BC. Ken was passionate about ancient craft which brought him to set a benchmark for mead-makers around the globe today. As he died in the year 2004, he left behind this rich legacy for his son Mark to handle. Mark, following in his father’s footsteps, remains true to the Maxwell mead recipe. While the quality and purity remains consistent, the label has evolved over the years, to represent better these bottled up rich drops. Maxwell mead has been awarded ‘best pure varietal mead’ gold medal at the famous International Mead Festival Competition, USA.

Be it the ones made from honey or grape, the brand has earned a reputation for its delicious wines that are in Australia and countries across the globe. If you haven’t tried yet then buy Maxwell Wines and get ready to fall head over heels for these premium drops. 

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