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larissa behrendt asks why indigenous justice has not changed since the royal commission 30 years agoVictoria University’s (VU) Vice-Chancellor Professor Adam Shoemaker today welcomes Federal Minister for Education Jason Clare’s announcement, allocating 20,000 additional university places and creating a wealth of new opportunities for students from all backgrounds.

VU received one of the highest student allocations in the state, with 890 extra places, across two years, focussed on fostering a future workforce across healthcare, education, and cyber security. 

Professor Shoemaker said: “We are immensely proud to provide opportunities for outstanding career pathways to hundreds of new students from diverse backgrounds. At Victoria University, we have always done this well. 

“Already, nearly a quarter of our students are from less advantaged backgrounds. And, for the past five years in a row, we have been the highest performing metropolitan university to proudly enrol first-in family students to study at the tertiary level. Our supportive and inclusive learning models – the revolutionary First Year College and VU Block Model ­­– have set them all up for success.   

“Minister Clare’s announcement could not be more timely, relevant and uplifting. We look forward to opening our doors to one of the country’s fastest growing and most diverse populations.” 

Feature Image By TeroVesalainen–809550 from Pixabay

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