AgriProve and Ceres Tag Unveil ‘Tags for Tonnes’ at evokeAG 2024

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L-R: David Smith, Ceres Tag CEO and Matthew Warnken, AgriProve Managing Director at evokeAG 2024

  • World-first collaboration bridges gap in grazing management and building soil carbon
  • New software unlocks valuable on-farm insights
  • Access to industry leading technology without the upfront costs

The landmark ‘Tags for Tonnes’ innovation launched at evokeAG unlocks actionable, real time data for optimised herd management, pasture productivity and soil health.

AgriProve, Australia’s premier soiltech carbon developer, and Ceres Tag, the pioneer of the world’s first direct-to-satellite animal monitoring platform, have joined forces to unlock cutting-edge livestock management and carbon management solutions for farmers.

‘Tags for Tonnes’ integrates Ceres Tag’s revolutionary smart ear tag technology with AgriProve’s soil carbon expertise, offering a user-friendly experience that yields actionable data for more effective decision-making in herd management, pasture productivity, and soil health.

Importantly, the solution removes the upfront costs normally involved in accessing industry leading technology with advances from future carbon credits covering the set costs. This novel approach also means AgriProve and Ceres Tag can offer the platform without charging ongoing licensing fees.

‘Tags for Tonnes’ ( enables landholders to:

  1. review and act on trends to bolster herd and soil performance;
  2. understand and utilise pasture feed intake data;
  3. gain valuable insights into herd and individual animal metrics;
  4. track stock movements with precision;
  5. make informed decisions regarding farm infrastructure.

Quotes attributable to Matthew Warnken, AgriProve Managing Director
“The launch of ‘Tags for Tonnes’ at evokeAG 2024 marks a significant milestone. Our collaborative effort with Ceres Tag underscores our commitment to providing measurable, manageable solutions that support landholders in their quest to enhance productivity and sustainable practices.”

“If it’s measurable, it’s manageable. “Tags for Tonnes” empowers farmers to take actionable steps towards decarbonising the atmosphere through recarbonising soil without impeding productive land.”

“We’ve structured ”Tags for Tonnes” with an innovative approach to financing the equipment with future tonnes of carbon abatement in the form of ACCUs. This forward on future carbon credit sales approach removes one of the biggest barriers to adoption of technology, the upfront and ongoing costs. This also covers the cost of access to the novel software package developed by AgriProve with producer-led insights and the concierge and help desk to support getting the tags up and running for maximum impact.”

“Digital soil carbon stocks and digital grazing management are key to positioning soil as a global solution to climate change. AgriProve is proud to support Australia’s farmers and graziers in embracing world leading innovation from Ceres Tag as a key part of the solution to addressing climate change and aiming beyond net zero while also increasing on-farm production.”

Quotes attributable to David Smith, Ceres Tag CEO
“Our partnership with AgriProve for ‘Tags for Tonnes’ reflects our shared vision of advancing Australian agriculture. By marrying our technologies, we’re setting the stage for Australian farmers and supply chain participants to achieve greater profitability and support a greener future.”

“Ceres Tag is excited to collaborate with AgriProve to create prescriptive grazing management practices that optimise soil carbon sequestration and create healthier soil. This aligns perfectly with our mission of creating sustainable and efficient livestock management solutions.”

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About AgriProve

AgriProve is Australia’s leading soiltech carbon developer with 76% of all soil carbon projects successfully registered in the Australian Emissions Reduction Fund and is the fastest growing developer in Australia with over 600 projects totalling more than 170,000 hectares as of February 2024.

About Ceres Tags

Ceres Tag is the world’s first animal monitoring information platform with direct to satellite capability through a proprietary smart ear tag with pasture feed intake (PFI) capability. Ceres Tag uses data collection and on-tag analytics to provide animal-specific geospatial location data in addition tointake, movement and animal health monitoring. Integrating with software partner platforms, both existing and in development, the Ceres Tag platform offers opportunities to improve productivity across the livestock industry and provide a richer range of information to guide effective decision-making.

Ceres Tag’s specialist platform for livestock monitoring, provides real-time tracking and monitoring solutions to enhance livestock management practices and environmental conservation efforts.


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