An Ultimate Guide to Buying Your First-ever Panerai Watch

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If you’re fond of collecting luxury watches, you should look first for the best stylish brands available. There are a variety of fancy timepieces having different styles and designs. But, you must keep in mind a brand that is trusted and highly recognized for years. 

You can just pick and buy one that is not only pleasing to the eye but will also serve its purpose. Choosing the best deal of watches needs thorough research. If you don’t pick the right brand, you will certainly waste your cash.

One of the remarkable and fancy watch brands is Panerai. This brand is durable and is perfect for minimalists. It covers a small intricacy with its designs. They made these timepieces from carefully selected recycled materials. They are not just your standard watch as they’re also eco-friendly! If you like to show off the Panerai brand’s collections, check out the various selections below and choose your favorite choice.

Panerai Watch Collections

1. Luminor Marina

The Luminor Marina is most likely the most prominent style of Panerai. Normally, this shows a mini second timepiece at the 9 o’clock position. And, it is considered as its distinctive feature. It also has a bigger and boxer height than the Radiomir style. This style is perfect for a simpler look. But, can also be dressed up with a separate watch strap coupled with a recognizable crown guard protector. This makes every Panerai stand out among the other timepieces. If you want to own a new Panerai Luminor Marina watch collection, below is the list to select from.

  • PAM 104 Automatic
  • PAM 005 Logo
  • PAM 441 Ceramica
  • PAM 289 GMT

2. Radiomir

Panerai’s Radiomir style is another best choice. You can also dress up with a separate watch strap like the Luminor Marina. This model presents mainly a more slender case and not as big as the Luminor model. This style doesn’t have the crown guard protector feature and almost all have wired lugs. Radiomir style along with its alligator watch strap looks pleasing when you wear a suit. You can choose a few of the finest Radiomir styles in the list below.

  • PAM 424
  • PAM 425
  • PAM 577 Ceramica
  • PAM 572

Automatic vs Manual Movements

Automatic movements are uptight while wearing and shifting the watch. If the watch shifts, it turns around a far-off weight within the watch. Thus, it twists and bends. For the watch to start with the movement, you can twist it all over the palm of your hands for a period. This is to have it wound enough so that it would start moving. You can as well use timepieces with this movement on a watch winder that turns the watch. Thus, keeping it moving and enabling it to never adjust the time.

Manual movements need to have a manual winding every time you need to use it when the reserve falls to 0. It will certainly not move voluntarily no matter how well you twist it, wear, or spin it. Many perfectionists fancy this type of movement. It lets you have an extremely delightful and bosom experience with your watch. It’s right to keep in mind that there’s no wrong option here. It is mainly a choice you create for yourself.

Pre-owned or New?

One essential matter to think about when purchasing a Panerai watch is to choose either to buy a new or gain a pre-owned Panerai.

A Pre-owned Panerai watch keeps its use across time, yet several people are doubtful of pre-owned products. Panerai doesn’t tarnish over time. And, can preserve its usage for centuries because of its upright Swiss manufacturing quality.

Hence, if you fret about the worth with a pre-owned, you certainly have nothing to be anxious about. Once you choose to buy a pre-owned Panerai, ensure that the watch set is in a full package. Make sure it has a box, papers, and most likely a warranty. This is to ensure if and only if some issues appear in an instant after you gain it.

Getting yourself a brand new and full package Panerai watch along with the producer’s warranty is a good idea. But, you will probably spend an enormous amount of money for its luxurious price. Normally, buying a new one is better for setting up connections with the accredited distributor. It can take you more opportunities to buy limited edition timepieces. 

You will also earn discounts when you want to buy a watch. You will receive excellent customer service as you buy from their store for a more suitable experience. You can’t place a cost on the experience itself. And, most individuals settle up with a luxury one for that inclusive experience which can be a great deal of excitement!


Having yourself a Panerai is not anything less of a milestone. The timepiece manifests class and allows you to take off the show regularly. But, a watch is a lasting and reliable accessory, hence you must consider researching before you choose a brand.

Be sure that you recognize which kind of movement is more suited to you and see to it you know your preference, whether it would be a pre-owned or a new watch. Then, you must as well understand the difference between a Luminor and a Radiomir style. This is because they share common and unusual features in how they look and feel.

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